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CAC8 Nanaimo Water Aerodrome 1.20 update

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Hi all,


Larry has made some updates to his very popular CAC8 Nanaimo Water Aerodrome. You can get this update from FTXC3.

  • Adds annotated PR coverage of Protection Island, Newcastle Island, the east half or more of the city of Nanaimo, the Harmac mill and surrounding  area and Duke Point
  • Seair dock in updated and uses a higher res deck texture.  
  • Fixed several transparency problems near the Seair terminal
  • Fixed wrong texture on fuel dock leading to fuel barge.
  • Fixed Gallows Point light
  • Added docks and boats around Protection Island
  • A fair number of repainted default boats replaced with custom high res models or mid res 
  • A sistership of the MV Ocean Wind placed at the Harmac Mill dock
  • A large model of the Harmac mill intended to be seen at a modest distance.  Custom smoke and steam effects. 
  • Fixed Dinghy Dock pub, minor issues. 
  • Revised color of log booms
  • Fixed small lumber yard south of town.
  • Minor fixes to wake effects
  • Many small technical fixes.
  • Manual updated 
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