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YBBN aircraft "Crash" issue


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I downloaded YBBN last night, and it has happened three times in a row now.  


I start the scenario at a gate, each time at a different gate, with the PMDG 737-900.


I program the flight, use GSX to push and start.   I start taxiing for runway 01 from the gates.  The last time was from gate 17.  so I taxied C1 to B then down B,  when I get between B6 and B7, the plane crashes.  there is nothing visible for the plane to hit. but it detects something there.


It happend on earlier taxies on taxiway A around the same spot.  there is nothing visually there.  but there is some error for the plane to hit making it "crash" 


I have deleted YBBN for now.


and Yes I have the required Base Pack.  I have everything in the FTX Global Range for P3DV4, along with Austrailia Region, Tasmania Demo, NZ North and South.  

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