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I have enabled "Frozen Water" in the Controlcenter for my Norway Scenery and since then Prepar3d V4 won't start again. Even after returning to "normal" water surface, Prepar3d still hangs while starting up. It reconfigured the scenery database as usual when changing entries in FTX Central, but then it hangs...


I would be grateful for any help.


Kind Regards



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welcome to the forums.

The fact that you have  restored the original setting and P3D still does not start seems to imply that the change 

in the setting has nothing to do with the problem.

You wouldn't be the first to find that all the FTX scenery library entries were at the bottom of the scenery library.

If this was the case P3D would not start, as it would not be able to see its own default scenery and terrain.


If that had happened, it could be easily remedied by a visit to the FTX Central settings page.

The Insertion Point tool is there and can be used to set the FTX icon at the top of the scenery.

If there are other add on airports, it should instead be set just below the lowest of them.

The OLC icon should be set just below the FTX icon.

To save these settings, it is necessary to click on Save.


If you find that this is not the case after checking, please return to the topic.

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Hello Nick,

thanks for your reply. I have checked the settings in the FTX Central and everything is in the right order. Since I haven`t altered anything else but the icy surface I have thought, this would be the problem. I finished a flight in Norway, everything was fine, then I wanted to try "winter", exit Prepar3d, changed to ice surface, wanted to fire up the Sim again and it wouldn`t start...


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This might help.


Please note that the programdata folder is hidden by default in the Windows File Explorer.

If you cannot see it, please go to your Windows File Explorer view options and check

"Show hidden files, folders and drives".

While you are there, the "Hide extensions for known file types" box should also be

unchecked. This makes finding and identifying files much easier.



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Since I have typed it, here is my reply, you seem to have done this already.


Thanks, it is indeed corrupt.

Please delete it.

Start P3D and a new one will be created.

Close P3D, run FTX Central and the Orbx entries will be added.

Wait until you see "activating Orbx scenery" appear and disappear.

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