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Controlling Surf

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Is there a way to control the speed and direction of the surf in PNW and its island airports?

I fly out of KFHR Friday Harbor and there is surf in places it should not be like in sheltered coves or on the leeward side of peninsulas. 

Is the surf line global ( on or off) or can it be controlled by location?



I own all of North America

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The short answer to your question is that some things can be adjusted and some not. I’m working on a replacement or separate option for the Orbx surf effects that at least to my eye makes the inland wave effect and the ocean surf effect more realistic. No time frame for this at present.

The speed of the waves can be controlled in the effects files, but it’s tricky because things are inter-related with a number of arcane settings. Any change in the direction the waves move in relation to the shoreline will affect all locations that use that effect and most likely it would create a mess of overlapping effects in some places.  

Wave and serf effects are specified by shoreline vectors. Each line of vector segments can have an associated wave effect – or not.  (In one small cove I’m working on now there are over 1000 shoreline vectors.) Vector shorelines don’t know windward from leeward nor do they know the wind speed. Editing individual shoreline vectors to remove the link to an unwanted wave effect in a cove or bay is not something a user can do and is impractical do on a large scale regardless.

 If you don’t want to see the wave effects at all in an area you can disable the wave effect or effects that are used in that area, but that will disable them in other areas where they are also used.



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Thanks for the quick response Larry.

A guy can hope, can't he?  

Wouldn't it be great if you could right click on a set of waves and just turn off that set?


How do I disable a wave effect?  Do I have to edit the effects file or is there a switch that I have yet to find.




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Here are the names of the files that control the waves and surf, located in the Effects folder of the sim. You can add the extension .off to disable them but I would suggest being very careful. I find it’s so easy to forget what I did and it’s easy to make a mess of things. I would suggest making a *complete* backup of your Effects folder before proceeding.

If you want to disable all surf and wave effects, disable these controllers:




wavecontroller.fx  (This is the default wave controller, used in some Orbx areas. Disabling it will disable all the default waves everywhere. )  

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