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LOWI Innsbruck Airport


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Thanks very much for that :) 


So first things first, 


1. Could you please ensure you have downloaded and installed the ORBX Libraries, and that they are up to date. 

2. In your P3D scenery settings, could you please ensure that the "Scenery Complexity" slider is set to extremely dense.


3. If these don't fix the issue, could you please check your P3D scenery library and ensure that LOWI is sitting higher than any possible conflicting sceneries.

4. Do you run any AI packages? If so, which ones? 




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I have tried to sort out the airport scene is not resolved ORBX Libraries is the latest version of the FTX update
I come from China, do not understand English, can only use web translation, I am sorry
LEBB airport I bought before there is no problem, in addition to the airport gallery does not show, the other is normal.111111111111111.jpg.e900b12b7446f6d1a05e1fbf4c80cb3d.jpg2222222222222222222.thumb.jpg.5065a82d8cfcfa9b1f52ee50d562293c.jpg33333333333333.thumb.jpg.5c30ba3ab83e5d3583eff1524c17ba4d.jpg
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