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No buildings in Lake Tahoe KTVL

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P3Dv4.1, FTX central v3.2.3.0.


At lake Tahoe I see absolutely no buildings and objects, rwy and taxiways seem to be perfect. I have reinstalled this airport 2 times. No change. Also moved autogen sliders to thr right.


Libraries are up to date.


Help please.




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Hello Michael,

this airport relies on objectflow to display its buildings.

Please check that the check box for P3D v4 is checked on the FTX Central settings page.

Don't forget to click on Save.

Please also check that Objectflow appears in the addons in game drop down menu and that it is also checked.


Objectflow disabled




objectflow enabled



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Thanks a lot for your quick answer, that did it. I indeed was to stupid to push the save button :(


However: Most software have the save button greyed out, as long as there is no change and it becomes active as soon as you change the configuration. In FTX central it seems always to look the same. Might that be a suggestions for improvement ?






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