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AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand P3Dv4 (Freeware) released

Ed Correia

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Graham Eccleston has updated the popular Australia & NZ AI Traffic for P3Dv4 and is now available for you.


All included aircraft have been individually compiled for this new flight sim platform and have been specifically coded to fully utilise Dynamic Lighting and the new LUA coding system.


Please note this version is for P3Dv4 ONLY. Please use the other AI pack that is designed for the other sim platforms. Using the aircraft models included in this version for other sim platforms is PROHIBITED. 


Key features of this package

  • All AI aircraft models compiled specifically for P3D V4.
  • Dynamic lighting features added to all AI aircraft models.
  • Steering nose wheels now added to most of the AI aircraft models.
  • Conditional cabin lighting for small and medium GA aircraft managed by LUA scripting.
  • Cabin lights for airliners on all the time. It was felt this was more realistic than having aircraft at the stand in darkness during normal operating periods.
  • Appropriate HTAI Single Engine Cessna models now used in place of the one size fits all Cessna C177 from prior AI Traffic packages. Many thanks to Henry Tomkiewicz for this.
  • Flaps now deploy for take off on all models.
  • Sea plane bases with a limited number of AI aircraft are included for Rose Bay (YRSB) Palm Beach (YPMB) and Cabarita Lake (YBCL). I will attempt to expand this in a future update.
  • An optional ATC Sound file is included with additional call signs, aircraft types and airports not included in the default ATC sound file.





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