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Odd texture in openLC North America


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I recently purchased openLC North America and have been really enjoying it. Except for one texture that looks odd to me and is pretty common in my home area near Dallas, Texas. Here are a couple of screenshots that show what I am referring to. Is the one I labeled "Faded, Unnatural look" an Orbx texture or is there something wrong with my setup (or with my eyes :lol:):


I am using P3D V4 with FTX Global Base, Global Vector, openLC North America, and Pilot's FS Global 2018 FTX mesh.


I have tried many of the suggestions I have found on the forum including forcing migration, reinstalling Global base, openLC NA, and Libraries and checking scenery layers (I only have orbx scenery and pilot's mesh and the ordering was done by FTX Central).


Lat: N32 36.40   Lon: W97 4.02   Alt: 2514MSL   Heading 180



Lat: N32 35.69   Lon: W97 4.08   Heading 180 (Top down view)



Kind Regards,



FTX Global BASE Pack: 5969ad9c5f717

FTX Global openLC North America: 5969b80ca81b2

FTX Global VECTOR: 5969ad9c5f717



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Thanks for the reply. It looked the same before and after I installed the Pilot's 2018 FTX mesh. This appears to be a texture set from FTX Global BASE. Specifically 041b2su1.bmp - 041b2su7.bmp which corresponds to landclass "Medium City Suburban Grid Wet". It just looks like the coloration is off and clashes a bit with surrounding textures.


It's not really a big deal. I probably wouldn't have noticed it as much were it not for me being spoiled by the very high quality of orbx products in general. :)

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