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  1. Hope everyone's doing good. I recently switched from v4.5 to v5.1. So far no problems with any Orbx products until i wanted to fly into KBZN yesterday. The following problems have occured (see also screenshots): - Some textures are kind of above the airport and cover the original textures (Especially over the runway). When i select winter, it's better visible and it looks like piles of snow over the runway and the terminal. At placed where the textures are "normal", the plane is above the "normal" Airport. Something seems pretty wrong. See the screenshots. - Also when i select March (Yesterday's date), the coverage are + mountains which are made by Orbx are covered in snow and the surrounding is not. But for example the trees and houses around the airport are not textured like winter (not covered in snow or something) - During multiple tests, i also had a GPU (RTX2070) crash (DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET) but i haven't confirmed yet if that's related to the BZN scenery (just didn't happen before). VRAM was monitored and is fine. I have Open LC NA installed Following things have been checked for troubleshooting: - KBZN Configuration tool reviewd - Libraries and Objectflow installed (folders seem correct) - Re-installed KBZN - Checked scenery library - Checked other Orbx airports, they are looking fine (LIEO, LWSK..) Unfortunately, i don't have any more ideas, what the problem could be. I hope someone here can help (Maybe BZN is not fully compatible with with v5?) Please tell me, if you need more infos or anything. Thank's in advance for your help! Regards Felix
  2. As of yesterday, i started having blocks of inverted neon colours on the ground textures with openLC Europe. Tried to verify the files but during the night time the issue persists. Any idea what could be done ?
  3. I have just purchased and installed the NA Pacific Northwest regional sceanary pack for fsx and mostly all is fine. However one thing remains to be fixed. I am getting black 'placeholder' trees in some areas that I assume are due to a missing or misnamed texture. This only occurs in the PNW area. No warning is issued by FSX about texture issues. I have run the Orbx verify option and that shows no issues. No other addons have been installed. I attach a screen shot below that shows the problem. Can anyone suggest where I might look to solve this? Thanks in advance Andyr aka G1UUP
  4. What´s estrange water texture in ORBX TRUE WA scenery? 10:28 am local and Sky Cavok
  5. Hi there! I recently flew from NSTU to NSFA and noticed the "No Spring" near the NSFA airport. This is the first time I've seen this as I've flown into here quite a bit. I do have the ORBX NSTU scenery but nothing for this area. This is P3D v4.5. Any suggestions?
  6. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding OpenLC South America. Taking off from SLLP and looking down on La Paz , Bolivia, the textures look poor and completely washed out throughout the whole area, as if the city was nuked the day before. It doesn't matter either what season I choose. Cities nearby don't have this terrible look. They look better. Is it a glitch with La Paz? Can anybody of you confirm? Do I have to lower my expectations regarding OpenLC South America? I hope not. Thanks. Rod
  7. For those using the Glacier Park scenery, are the winter apron textures at KGPI supposed to look like this:
  8. Hello, I am a new customer, using FSX Steam Edition. I have just bought FTX Global Base, great product. Before buying some airport products, I had a look at a freeware one (EDBH) that I installed through FTX Central 3. BTW, I was invited to update the FTX Libraries, so I did it. Starting FSX, I saw this problem of untextured objects shown on the "EBDH App" attached image. I thought it may come from your libraries, so I went to a very standard FSX airport (LFBO) that has no scenery add-on, and I saw the same problem again (see the "LFBO" image). I am not very happy to see that your libraries update caused a major problem in the most basic scenery of my standard FSX. I saw this discussion in the FAQ: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/128650-if-you-see-black-shapes-squares-boxes-boards-dots-blobs/ The problem is that I don't want to pay for an additional product that *may* solve the problem and I don't want to stop using DirectX 10. Is there a way I can rollback to the previous version of the library? Or should I just get rid of it? If so, how can I do this? (FTX Central won't let me uninstall it) I suppose that if I remove the libraries, I will not be able to get any of your scenery product, is that right? If so, I should think about it with a 22.90€ price addition :) Thanks for your help, Eric
  9. Goodday, This morning I installed FTX Global and FTX England but I encounter a problem, that can be seen in the screenshot. Ive tried multiple scenery orders. FTX Central is not letting me force migration as the box is greyed out. Any help would be appraciated.
  10. Hello So recently i installed holgermes Asutraila and Papua New Guinea. After i installed them the problem started, so i uininstalled both ot them. But now all my textures everywhere are black. When i fly the textures are normal further away but turns black when i get closer. I have switched all the addons airport to Spring season. I tried to download new Terrain.cfg so Orbx filled inn new entries but nothing works. Any tips? Here is a screenshot.
  11. I have FSX: Steam Edition installed on my computer, which was working great. I bought FTX Norway to upgrade my scenery. When I installed it (via FTX Central), nothing happened on the simulator. I added all the sub-folders (scenery, mesh, custom...) manually, and it showed up. However, I have some issues with the textures. 1. The main problem is where there should be water, there are land. All the fjords are not visible, but the terrain is flat. 2. The roads do not show up. I can see some cars driving around, but there are no roads to drive on. 3. White squares with no texture shows up occasionally. There are also "blinking" on some of these squares, and it seems like it cant decide which texture it should have. I have changed my settings in FSX to the ones recommended in the user manual. I have REX 4 installed. Need help!
  12. Hi, I have a problem with my terrain textures in fresh installation without any else addon. I have all settings accord the orbx guide. I try to change my settings but without results. This not occurred every time but is to frequency and sometimes occur in the middle of the game. Normally occur after my aircraft crashed and reload the scenary. I have updated all orbx libraries, Base Package, OpenLC Europe, Trees HD, Light Configuration and EU Airport Pack. My system specs: CPU: i7 8700k GPU: AMD VEGA 56 8GB HBM2 SSD: m2 Samsung 960 evo 240GB RAM: 16GB 3000Mhz Prepar3D: v4.2.21.24048 FTX Central v3.2.5.7
  13. Hello Anyone I have had texture problems now for at least 6months more on than off. I believe it's called Texture Morphing (texture morphing means that the textures change while flying over them) I have Orbx Global Base, Vector, AU, NZ north and south, EU and loads of orbx airports. I also have Fly Tempa Sydney and two others but the majority by far I have ORBX Scenery and am running P3DV4.1 but had same problem with V3 The problem of this texture morphing happens when i approach a flight destination (pretty much ANY destination airport), usually below 10,000 feet and the closer to the ground i get the more predominant the textures get the error texture block continually move along as i fly, changing from normal texture to sort of satellite map blocks sometimes showing ocean, sometimes islands, sometimes continents all at random. I have tried many suggested fixes from this forum I have tried this method at least 3 times but the fix only works for a little while and then the problem returns I have also tried removing all my scenery and reinstalling, again it only works for a little while and the problem returns I have tried Migration, vector elevation and insertion tool, all to no avail This has really got me frustrated as I'm unable to find a long term fix. If anyone please, knows what the cause of this problem is and how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it. Some photos of texture problem below (LDDU) Thank you Michael
  14. There is a texture failure running through the island of Cyprus. The gap (it is like a deep valley) runs from the Troodos mountain to the Larnaca area. Maybe the ORBX-Team is doing an update of this area in the future?
  15. Dear Orbx/members, Have reinstalled my P3Dv4 from scratch. I've only got round to installing Orbx products using FTX Central. The ground textures are really blurry even when I set it to the highest resolution which is 7cm. Any help gratefully received. Thanks, Chris
  16. coordinates on top left corner Asia region
  17. I have recently installed ORBX FTX global, vector and openlc NA alongside some FSDT scenery. While flying around the Hawaiian islands, I have noticed that the terrain all blocky and there is not a smooth transition between the urban areas and the rural areas. I have attached a screenshot of Hilo airport below and the screenshot shows the problems I have been facing. I'm not sure if this issue is caused by a incompatibility between fsdt and orbx. Can someone please help me!
  18. hi, i have the following products installed (refer to screenshot for scenery library order) Global Base Landclass EU LOWI airport FTX global EU Airports sim ist P3D v4.1 i have got some colour differences, most likely due to texture blending of the sceneries. See the screenshot attached (summer time acivated). How to get the color matching/blending fixed? I just bought Global Base yesterday - the issue was already there, also before installation of Global Base pack. thanks
  19. Hello I have a problem with ORBX, all roads are sand or grass, I've already uninstalled everything, reinstalled and the problem persists. Photo from SBGR: https://imgur.com/a/M0MPw My P3D is a fresh install, i ONLY have these addons: ORBX Global Base ORBX FTX Vector ORBX openLC EU ORBX openLC SA ORBX openLC NA ORBX Light Configurator ORBX Trees HD ORBX FTX Airport NA Pack ORBX FTX Airport EU Pack and ORBX Libraries All is up-to-date My terrain.cfg My scenery.cfg
  20. Hi guys, P3d v4, only seen this in the North America region. So we have here, St Kitts in the Caribbean but also the San Francisco area. Hopefully I am not the only one who is seeing this, it happens 100% of the time in these areas for example
  21. I have been getting low resolution pictures when either departing or landing until about 12,000'. I have openLC Global, Vector, North America, NA NorCal, NA SoCal, FTX Trees and some airports ( fsdreamteam, flightbeam etc.. ) Its almost like the textures take a minute to load. I have a very decent system (i7 4790K - GTX 1070) and have uploaded many screenshots. Not sure what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried P3D and OS install and a lot of other things. Transaction IDs: 583b7eebe25ab 583b7353ef8cf 590e410b28bea 59090eab7a98a 593491a8b36d1 598a4d874a65c
  22. I recently purchased openLC North America and have been really enjoying it. Except for one texture that looks odd to me and is pretty common in my home area near Dallas, Texas. Here are a couple of screenshots that show what I am referring to. Is the one I labeled "Faded, Unnatural look" an Orbx texture or is there something wrong with my setup (or with my eyes ): I am using P3D V4 with FTX Global Base, Global Vector, openLC North America, and Pilot's FS Global 2018 FTX mesh. I have tried many of the suggestions I have found on the forum including forcing migration, reinstalling Global base, openLC NA, and Libraries and checking scenery layers (I only have orbx scenery and pilot's mesh and the ordering was done by FTX Central). Lat: N32 36.40 Lon: W97 4.02 Alt: 2514MSL Heading 180 Lat: N32 35.69 Lon: W97 4.08 Heading 180 (Top down view) Kind Regards, Don FTX Global BASE Pack: 5969ad9c5f717 FTX Global openLC North America: 5969b80ca81b2 FTX Global VECTOR: 5969ad9c5f717
  23. Hello, after i instaled openLC Europe i have problem with ground textures. I have Global and Vectors I tried reinstall all this product but nothing help. if i disable openLC textures looks normal but when i active openLc it Looks like ......
  24. Today o Downloaded Via FTX Central the OPEN MESH South America and ORBX Libraries. After That i´m seeing Big Inscriptions around Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro Regions that correspond the year Season selected on Prepar3d V3 (SPRING in green, WINTER in red). I´ve tried Uninstal both but only openLC MEsh gives me the option to. I tried To disable the Layers on Scenery Library - nothing Change. I dont Know What to do to Solve this problem. Need Help.
  25. Hello folks, good day! I found a small issue with LEBB Bilbao: The mast of the windsock between the runway seems to have no texture and the windsock itself is missing. In use is P3D v4. Can you confirm this or did something went wrong installing the scenery via FTX Central v3? Thanks a lot in advance - best regards! Bert ID / receipt number is 596f324f18b10.
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