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Freeware titles available for P3Dv4*

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Hi all,


We have started to make some of our Freeware products available for P3Dv4 while we wait on the development ObjectFlow for P3Dv4.


There is a big caveat with these so please take the following into consideration. The are some elements that will not display due to ObjectFlow not working. Most likely these will be windsocks, seasonal vegetation and some buildings that are conditionally displayed.


If those type of things are going to bug you, don't install.

If you do install and find these are detracting from your enjoyment, uninstall.


Not all have been made available, such as Yosemite/Devils Tower as the main features rely on ObjectFlow and the AI packs which require the models to be redone for P3Dv4.


We will be gauging the feedback to this move as we explore if to do the same for the payware airports.

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