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Missing Autogen

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I own FTX Global, and ever since i bought and installed openLC North America and Vector, I have missing Autogen. Everything is fine on departure, but as I reach my destination no autogen appears. Only roads, cars, and airports. It doesn't seem to matter where I fly to or from. My scenery library seems to be in the correct order and I have not messed with it. I'm running P3d v3.4. Any ideas? Thanks.



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Thanks for the welcome!


So this was a flight from kmsn to 06c Schamburg, N41°59.36' / W88°6.07'. 25 min flight. Leaving kmsn all autogen was fine. You can see the first 3 are arrving at 06c. No autogen, just photo scenery. After reloading and taking off from 06c All autogen+trees are there. Second 2 photos. Whenever I start a flight it looks fine.










Windows 10 | i7 6700k | 32mb ddr4 | Nvidia GTX 1070 | 500GB SSD

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Correction, I flew back to kmsn and upon arriving the same thing happened. If i paused the sim the autogen did slowly start to return. Took a good 20 seconds and still slowly appeared further in the distance after I unpaused.

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