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openLC North America


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No! - not necessarily. If you installed OrbxFTXopenLCNA115, a false indication will be shown in both FSX scenery and FTX Central. The only way you get the complete openLC North America is by buying openLC America (not just openLC North America - Alaska/Canada/Greenland). See my other posts and check your ORBX FTX_OLC folders in FSX. 

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Regarding "NAMERICA2 reflects the fact you have OpenLC NA installed"


2 Folders registered in FSX Scenery Library:
OLC_NA1 - Installed but no content
OLC_NA2 - Installed 5.26  GB including 66,1 MB (105 files) migrated (8,422 files in 2 Folders total)
2 Folders registered in FSX Scenery Library as before:
OLC_NA1 - Now contains 61.6 MB (608 files in 2 Folders)
OLC_NA2 - Now contains 5.30 GB (8,551 files in 2 Folders)

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Thanks for your input.  I believe the OP has successfully installed the complete OpenLC NA, however, but since he hasn't responded in this thread, who knows?  The fact that he installed it on Dec. 4 would seem to indicate he indeed installed the complete package, not just the Alaska/Canada version.  Or maybe I'm just confused.

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