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Wrong LC tiles in openLC NA - 2


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A few days ago I upgraded to Central v3 and bought OpenLC NA and Vector. During my first flight in the area I noticed strangly placed tiles. After searching the forums I saw a topic (which title I borrowed) describing the same problem. Just like the TS, I visited Albuquerque and noticed the same problem, although my city-tiles are all green. Unlike the TS however 'reinstalling' OpenLC NA did not solve the problem.




To give you some more info: I already owned OpenLC NA Alaska/Canada. At first it was visible within Central v3 saying it needed an update. Clicking it resulted in it telling me I didn't own the product in my account. However after that it was normally highlighted without any update messages. The 'normal/new' OpenLC NA was visible and still grey. After clicking, buying, installing - all according plan - the new OpenLC NA was highlighted and the old one needed an update again. After a reboot however the old one was gone and it still is. So far so good I thought untill I saw the tiles as mentioned.

'Reinstalling', as mentioned in the other topic, is I guess like first uninstall and install again afterwards. Uninstalling however doesn't seem to have any effect. At least none other then the corresponding tile in Central v3 telling me 'not installed'. Uninstalling happens in a blink of an eye and although I like to believe my computer is fast, I have my doubts.. Within FSX no changes are visible. Also not in the scenery library where NA1, NA2 and the LIGHTS are still visible and active. Only manually deleting the entries off course has an effect. But after reinstalling all is as it was with the wrong tiles.


In the scenery library I had Central set the order automatically:

First the libraries, then uncategorized airports (like NSTU), then NA_LIGHTS, followed by Australian airports and the region itself, followed by BASE, LC EUROPE (10x) and NA1 and 2. The VECTOR entries are just above the default base entries (1107 Base). The VECTOR_AEC almost at the end, only above 'Default Scenery' and 'Default Terrain'. Again, all automatically. When I put ORBX!BASE below the OPENLC entries as mentioned in an older manual, nothing changes. Central puts it back however as listed above once you've made any changes in Central again.


Also I don't have any other landclass add-ons.

When I check the MigrationTroubleshooter it doesn't show FTX Global openLC NA. The other regions I have are listed and read 'migrated correctly'.


Any help is greatly appreciated!





Orderno OpenLC NA: 583b3d4889224

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Flying west from KIAD, some pics to compare..








Also one from Canada, east of the Rockies.




Which reminds me, a year ago or so when I installed OpenLC Alaska/Canada I had a similar issue. Enabling - disabling Hybrid did the trick then. Unfortunately now I can't try that (or don't now how)..

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Hi there,


sorry about the delay in responding.


The good news is that most of your NA landclass is correct; all of the screenshots in your second post are as they should be and compare favorably to Bing and GE imagery. See a couple of my Bing screenshots below.


The Albuquerque area is obviously still wrong, though. The southwestern US and Mexico are contained in the openLC NA1 entry while the other areas reside in the NA2 entry. Thus, it might be helpful if you could post a screenshot of your \ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_NA1\Scenery folder, with full file names, sizes, and dates, because there may be an issue with that folder's content on your PC.


Cheers, Holger




openLC NA - South-central Alberta top-down - Bing.jpg

openLC NA - Cincinnati top-down - Bing.jpg

openLC NA - St Louis top-down - Bing.jpg

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Hi Holger,


Thanks for the response. 


I can see the similarities between some of the last screenshots and their real world counterparts. However the 2nd and 5th screenshot in my second post, IMHO, still look like there's something wrong. When I compare the 5th with its GE counterpart, I indeed see even the square tiles, but it all looks a lot more blended to me in GE. But that can be just a matter of opinion.. The 2nd one however, again IMHO, looks really messed up, also compared to GE. I don't expect photoscenery, not at all, just not this 'soup' of tiles.. I'll add GE screenshots of both of them, curious about your opinion!


Screenshots of the requested folder below. I've also added NA2, just to be sure ;-)


Thanks in advance again!


Cheers, Sebastiaan















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Hi there,


it does look like your openLC NA1 scenery folder contains some outdated files: deleting the third and fourth file from the top -- both dated 2013 -- should hopefully get the Albuquerque area looking as it should.


As for your other areas of concern, there are limits as to what can be achieved with "generic" landclass, especially when it comes to features with strong directional components, like the wooded creeks in your first screenshot. If we were to develop these areas as FTX Regions then we would spend more time placing landclass polygons and general "fine-tuning" of local land-use diversity. A continent-spanning product like openLC NA is still primarily based on existing large-scale databases. That being said I'd consider openLC NA a pretty significant upgrade over the default landclass/landscape, as one can easily cross-check by temporarily deactivating the two openLC NA entries.


Cheers, Holger

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Hi Holger,


Many thanks! Your suggestion worked: Albuquerque looks like it should.


As for the other areas, I understand there can be limits, also because it's not like a Region. However, like the 2nd screenshot I described, in GE there aren't any square tiles. That goes for more areas. Also, even when the tiles are square, I would hope you could find a way to more colour-blend or something to make them look more natural. Again, it doesn't need to be photo or fully realistic, it's about immersion: even if it isn't completely accurate, it looks like it could be real, or at least close to the real thing. In other areas, as well as LC Europe, IMHO, you did a great job. Unfortunatelly in quite a few areas in NA, it's making things a lot worse when it comes to immersion. For example, when I compare to only Base, there are off course more repetitive tiles (wich is not better), but the tiles aren't square (rectangular at most, and different in size) and are more colour blended, making it look more as a whole. It even looks far more green, as does the GE version (2nd screenshot area).




Well, I understand it's a matter of opinion and the above reflects mine, still I hope you can agree on some points and maybe even take it into consideration for future updates.


Cheers, enjoy the Holidays!



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