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FTX Central v3 Updates

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Hi all,


This topic will be used for FTX Central v3 updates.


Version has just been released. To receive this update, start FTX Central and look for the blue "update" button above the settings cog.


Changes in

New features

  • Change log: you can now see what has changed in each version of FTX Central.
  • Simulator selection: the drop down box has been removed and replaced with large blue buttons.
  • The currently selected simulator is now shown in FTX Central's title bar.
  • The "Layer" key in the scenery.cfg file is now taken into account when FTX Central orders the library entries.
  • An indicator will now appear on product pages if the product is installed and up-to-date.
  • Better status indicators to reflect whether FTX Central is downloading, extracting, or installing a file.

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue where FSX-SE could be selected even if only FSX was installed.
  • Fix "FSX-SE" appearing as "FSX"
  • Fix Pusher errors generated when the internet connection drops.
  • Fix registry locations for P3Dv1.
  • Fix crash when loading the window state from settings.
  • Fix crash when two instances of FTX Central are opened.
  • Fix crash that can occur when loading product images.
  • Simulator configuration files are now re-created when FTX Central updates.
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