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  1. Hello, I've just seen that Orbx released a new mesh product for the whole south america that seems to greatly enhance the default mesh. Since I'm mostly flying in western Europe and especially in France, I was wondering if Orbx is considering to make a MESH product for those areas? Even if some of the world updates made it better, currently it's still far from the quality of some meshes that was available with P3D, especially if you don't fly close to mountains in the alps and pyrenees wich were kind of improved in some places, but from afar, it's often difficult to recognize the mountains because there true shape will just pop when you approach it, there is rivers climbing hills, some canyons are very dull and flat compare of how they should be, most of they islands are clipping when approaching them, and there is this constant lod morphing issue... I think it's really a most needed product! Best Manu
  2. Would be great! True Earth products are still being used! The enable/disable decals option would be much welcome!
  3. Hello, How about this enable/disable decals option for the TrueEarth regions? I've seen it on canary Islands, but I can't find any option for True Earth Great Britain south or central, with enhanced skyscape, the result is actually pretty bad and there is a very obvious grid... Would be great to have this choice open for each True Earth product!
  4. Same Issue here, I've tried many things : to reinstall all Orbx airports, libraries into the main P3dv4.5 directory ( some were before into a separate Orbx library ), checked if there were missing files into TEGBS, TEGBS libraries, Global, Vector, etc... I don't have any FlyTampa product installed, so...it must not be related with that... I also have no trees at YPEC and in many places with TEGBS, however some remains untouched...like EGKA wich is perfectly fine...
  5. Nobody has made any comments about this, am I the only one to see this at the frontier between True Earth Great Britain South and Central???
  6. Would be great! It was really the main visual issue that bring me out of P3Dv5.1, most of my payware scenery having part that doesn't blend with the atmosphere it was really bad, thanks for keeping us in touch!
  7. Hello, I've made a flight yesterday between TEGBS and Manchester, and I've met giants holes in the frontier between the two sceneries...I've looked for a topic about that on the forum but couldn't find it, but I remember I might already read something about mesh issues with True Earth, but thought it has been fixed... here are screencap with coordinates of the two holes I've found, but that might be more, I didn't check on all the frontier...Those two were pretty close in a not that large area...
  8. Hello, The issue from HF2 with enhanced atmosphere is still there, even if it's not supposed to be in beta anymore. It happens with a part of the Orbx airports, looks like it's mostly the recent one : EGPH here, and Gold Coast. Didn't have time to try all, but for example there is no issue with Goodwood or EGKA, but also there is some buildings in the autogen that doesn't blend, I've seen some at brighton or in other case using True Earth Great Britain. I don't know if it's considered to be a bug related to developpers or if it's something that LM should fix. It's very annoying to say the least, made me revert back to HF1 last time, this time I don't know as P3dv5 is quite buggy I will probably stick with 4.5 until things get fixed. Best M
  9. One thing that would really be amazing is some tree replacement and better forest depiction : tree species, height... Thing True Earth do pretty well and MSFS do pretty bad for now... I would buy an Orbx addon wich do that right away!
  10. I wish Orbx could make a rendition of this airport, it's really one of the best and scenic place I know for VFR in UK, the surroundings are amazing, the different approaches are stunning. I've made the request several times since 2 years, never had any answer...Is there anyone here who also like this place?
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