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  1. Two planned products for XP. Guess XP isn´t on your horizon any longer. Sad to see
  2. I have to say, not happy that Gaya did not feel the need to resolve this seemingly minor issue in almost 8 months time, but very happy that Orbx support, namely @Jon Clarke helped me out and Orbx honoured their refund policy. Glad to see that, Orbx!
  3. WILCO, thank you Jon. Edit: I just submitted the ticket (#26983) - one thing to note please: @Richard Lincoln I could not find EDDT in the list of airports in Europe, despite searching for it. Either because I just missed it repeatedly, or it is missing in that list. However, to proceed I selected LOWW as the airfield, as its also produced by GayaSim. I hope that this does not raise any further confusion and hope to hear from you soon.
  4. Good day, another month has passed and I am back again. As per Orbx own policy I´d kindly like to request a refund of my purchase. I made the publisher (Orbx) and the developer (GAYA) aware of this issue in multiple attempts, yet this issue is still around, although I waited far longer than the 30 days mentioned in your refund guideline. In fact, it is now 7 1/2 months later, and the fix is still nowhere to be seen. Last week I contacted Gaya once again via my ticket and asked them, how they were progressing on the patch that was previously said to come in September - Answer: "we have no timeframe for that fix". Further they said I shall "contact Orbx to redeem refund and act by their policy" which I´d like to do hereby. Please tell me how to proceed on this. Thank you!
  5. Hi Don, That is a misconception. LSZH may have released at Orbx in October of 2021, however, this scenery was published in May of 2016. So Layout etc are "a few years" old at this point... Hope this helps
  6. Another 3 months later and, yep you guessed it, still not resolved! Since the initial report it has been almost seven months and nothing has happend. Is this the level of support that Gaya is willing to give and Orbx is willing to support by hosting a product, which receives no fix despite reports of the bug to the developer on multiple occasions in such a long time? Plain unacceptable at this point, both on Gayas end as well as Orbx.
  7. This is by the way still not resolved. Gaya has received my ticket - after three months i followed them up and asked how its going, but even after more than a week: no response, nothing. They straight up ignore it. Gaya products may be ok, but behold if you need any support what so ever, in that case you are entirely on your own. To me the behaviour negatively reflects on Orbx as i fail to see why they would partner up with a company thats only interested in their customers money, but not in giving support. A shame, really!
  8. I will have to look into that. Currently I do not fly there anywhere, so its not a "hot issue" to me, but I´ll check nonethelesse. Thank you! Edit: Maybe I´ll just feature suggest the developer of xOrganizer to restructure the scenery_pack.ini file for whenever Orbx is detected, as I am sure, that I am not the only Orbx customer who also uses xOrganizer, so that change might be welcome by more people.
  9. Thank you, I will contact them directly. Also: Thanks for the advice on the scenery_pack.ini - I use xOrganizer however and I often disable airports/regions based upon my flight plans, in order to reduce load times. Therefore changing the file now does not really make sense, as it will likely be overwritten soon anyway. Edit: Just to clarify, this is what I meant in regards to Gaya doing the same error at LOWI for XPlane: Link
  10. Good day, Seems like EDDT is suffering a very similar problem as LOWI by GayaSim for XPlane - the approach lights are located on the runway. A collision with them is inevitable. Would be nice if this could be fixed sometime soon. "Log.txt" and "Scenery_packs.ini" are attached - XPlane is 11.52, currently the latest stable release. Thank you in advance. Greetings. Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  11. Operating system: Windows 10 Version 2004 Simulator: Xplane 11.41 Screenshot: - Issue: Coupon Code Hello I would like to buy a scenery, using the 20% off coupon "Threshold", but I do not see a window or something to put-in my coupon code. Neither on the website, nor in Central. Could you please tell me, where I can apply said code? Thank you
  12. Almost 9 months since the initial bug report and no timeframe for bugfixes, since "unfortunately, that's the nature of software development.". Great, really really great. I´ll try to allocate further investments into XP towards other devs, maybe you´ll then have more time for taking care of already released products.
  13. Do you use xVision? I had the same issue (but no team member ever replied ). For me it turned out to be xVision messing up the shaders. I re-applied the settings in xVision, thus replacing old shader settings and was good to go. Since the update from .35 to .36 probably also replaced any modded/broken shaders with default ones, it fixed the issue.
  14. I relaxed and waited for half a year. Just give me a time frame of when to expect a patch and I'll be quiet.
  15. This is getting really frustrating. How long can it possibly take a talented dev like ORBX to fix something as minor as this? smh
  16. Half a year - happy half-year to you, happy half year to you, dear thread, happy half year to you
  17. I´d also love an option to toggle the smoke. As long as there is wind, its ok - not great, but ok. But if no wind is blowing, which happens at times, it looks horrific in my eyes. A little toggle option would be lovely.
  18. Hello there, Has anyone had this issue yet? After updating to 11.35 all the reflections look really messed up. Some examples of EGLC and EGNX. I do use xVision 1.26 with the ORBX preset. Log and pictures attached. Sceneries are up to date as of 07/31/2019. Log.txt
  19. From your log Its the same issue as described here. @Greg Jones already promised to fix the libraries, that cause the error. As he said in the other thread: So you should be fine.
  20. I did the same as ORBmoke, just verified again. Problem persists. Going to try the manual install now
  21. Hi Just bought EGLC. I update the libraries and TE GB South, then installed EGLC (Also verified the installed files more than once). However, I end up with an error both for EGLC and EGTF when starting the sim. I suspect a file is missing from the library. Attached is a screenshot in sim of the error, as well as the LOG file. If you need anything else, please let me know. Thanks Log.txt
  22. In a week its been 3 months, or a quarter of a year since my inquiry. No, my life doesn´t depend on the sim and yes I have other things to do, but come on guys, is this the best you can do - really? Could you please at least give me a time frame to expect a fix, if that isn´t asking to much? Also, what about those power lines shown on the pictures? Does the north just love its power lines, or is that an unintended bug?
  23. Its a dead give away. Keep in mind that we don´t know how old Google Map imagery is. Maybe ORBX´s is simply more up to date and therefor correct. Anyhow, very much looking forward to it.
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