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  1. Brought up Orbx Central and did a 5.x resync. Got the green on that. Hello, I juste installed the client do I need to Resync Orbx ?
  2. Hello, The Addon Organizer tool says that this entry has a wrong path "Elements of the Main Window explained: – Green entries are active, Red ones are disabled, Violet entries have incorrect paths." G is the SSD used for my addons and for my Orbx data Who can tell what should be the correct path? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, How to reduce the number of waves on the coasts? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi nick, I have done as suggested (Sync simulator) and it seams OK now. Except in the scenery.cfg ... starting with the entry Area 4 I will change the information manually Thanks scenery.cfg
  5. Hello, After a disk crash I had to reinstall Win 10 from scratch (most of important data gone..) after I installed P3d V5.1 hf1 I tested P3d V5 and it seams OK, after I started Orbx direct and downloaded and installed the products I use. I used the recommendations ( if you had everything inside the P3D folder, then Global Base must be uninstalled and installed again. You must run Verify files for all open LC products. You must run verify files for the Orbx Libraries. For good measure, also run Sync Simulator. To find Sync Simulator, Click Settings -> Help -> Sync Simulator.) I tested P3D V5 and it seams ok I look at the scenery config in the P3D Options I do not understand Orbx 3 image threre is a jump from area 003 to layer 13? Why? Orbx 1 image Orbx sceries are present Orbx 2 The same Orbx sceneries are again present and not selected ... So what did I wrong ??? How to solve Please I need some help Thanks in advance Emile EBBR
  6. Hello, 1 More question : these products //42 are NOT P3D V5, no? I have installed the PrecipiteFX BUT when I had P3d V4 , now the V4 is removed since 4 weeks ... and I only have V5 hf2 why does Orbx Central shows this information now?
  7. Hello, I found this new entry in my Products?? What is? thanks in advance
  8. Hello, Is the //42 PrecipitFX non compatible V5 HF2?
  9. Hello Ams, Thanks for the answer. I see no problem in the packages.. Have a nice day
  10. Hello, I use Addon organuzer from LORBY . When I check my library I see that some Orbx products are "disable" from LORBY / Elements of the Main Window explained: – Green entries are active, Red ones are disabled, Violet entries have incorrect paths. Are these entries disable ? and why? Thanks in advance
  11. Hello, Stileto, Saturation ... that was my problem ... solved Thanks
  12. Hello, I have made a mistake ... I tryed to change some options in my P3d V5 HF2 and Nvidia control panel ..to avoid some crashes .. Stupid .. Now my screens are almost "grey" and I do not know what to do to have some colours ... Green grass, some blue on the aircraft, ... etc
  13. Hello, Each time there is an update for the Orbx library for V5. After the update I do a verify files and I MUST manually renumber the information in the scenery.cfg .... And it takes a lot of time. ... No tool available to do this renumbering? Thanks in advance scenery.cfg
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