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  1. No improvement in flight physics appears to be the elephant in the room. I'm surprised that is not receiving more critical observations presently. My take is that we all face some decisions about what our own personal visions are of what our flight sim should look like by the end of this year and beyond. We have choices. I must admit I'm dithering about my own decisions but doing a lot of reading to see where I think I should be by the end of this year. This is a big year for customers and developers alike.
  2. The Atlas mountains are south of Casablanca. You were flying north
  3. It sounds like you lack sufficient lift for the angle of attack.
  4. If someone told me this I would wonder what they'd been smoking. But I've seen the video. This is a big surprise.
  5. This is very helpful because I didn't realise we had so many airports.
  6. Thank you Doug for your detailed and methodological reply. I have gone through each step but the problem remains. Nick your response is also noted. Here are 2 more images taken after going through Doug's steps:
  7. Greetings As per the title, I was taxiing to park up and ran into some weird texture. A top down view revealed an 8 line highway running through the airport. I have Global Base, Vector, Open LC NA, Norcal, Socal, and nothing non-Orbx whatsoever. Any clues as to what is wrong? Gracias.
  8. Thanks Nick. Yes I sense that is the reason. I have FSaerodata and I did not know it adds airports into the P3D library. Sometimes I envy people who keep their flightsim environment simple and stripped back and avoid these issues! Best wishes all.
  9. Thank you for the replies. I have it in my menu, so it's odd. It is classed as an international airport so I'm surprised it doesn't appear to be in the scenery. I'm 8,000 miles into a tour of South America and it is the first major problem I have hit so it was a surprise and frustrating. In response to Ian St's response, do you have an idea why the airport is not in your airport menu but it is in mine? When I was at Chillan airport, I was able to load it into my GTN750 flight plan and then, as I said in my original query, I was able to load my plane at the airport from the P3D airport menu but am in a poor Chilean's back yard!
  10. Greetings. I've just flown down from Chillan and on approach the city of Temuco I couldn't find the airport. Then loading the plane at the airport to see if it's there, I'm parked up in someone's back yard. Can someone check if you have the airport in Open LC South America please because I do not! Gracias.
  11. This looks like a very smart move all round. I was looking at their KGPI airport earlier and it looks great. I'd love to buy that here at Orbx.
  12. A clean sweep of 10s from the best reviewer out there and well-deserved.
  13. Stillwater, I apologise for my previous post being a bit short on detail. It was 1991 or 1992 and me and 2 friends flew down from Caracas for a couple of days. We just did the standard flyby of the falls in a Cessna- still to this day my only trip in a GA aircraft, but what a place to have such a trip. Flying over the tepuis was amazing. Then we headed back via Ciudad Bolivar, enjoying a night on the Orinoco River and a few cool Polar beers. I would have loved the alternative of the 5 day walk to the falls but it truly is a "lost world" but magical to even experience it the way we did. Have you been?
  14. Quality from Stillwater as always. It's a great part of the world. I flew out of Canaima in real life to Ciudad Bolivar some years ago on Avensa.
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