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  1. A quick question, will the Milviz pc-6 for MSFS ever be offered in Orbx Central?
  2. Thank you, but if I change the drive letter that I have them currently installed on I will have problems with the programs currently installed on that drive.
  3. Hello, I currently have on a mechanical hard drive with all my Orbx products install in the Orbx LIBRARY there, I will be installing a SATA SSD, to move the products I currently have installed can I just move my Orbx Librarys directory to the new SSD, then just scan for Libraries or edit the Main Library Directory? Thanks.
  4. I tried that, but then I lost all my link to what I currently had installed, I did get it fixed though I went into "Users/name/AppData/Roaming/Orbx" and edited the file central.json with notepad+ and changed the window settings and added true to show in system tray, and now I got my window back on screen, and all my links still show and what I have installed shows up. Thanks for your help
  5. I already uninstalled and reinstalled, and that did not work, and I can't get to that screen in Central to check those things
  6. I need help, I changed my computer screen setup, and went from a triple monitor setup to a single screen setup, when I was using the three screen setup Orbx Central opened to the far right, now on my single screen setup when I open Orbx Central it still goes to the far right, where I can't see it off screen, I have tried all the things to get a screen back on your desktop, but they are not working, is there a way to reset the applications config, so I can get my program back on screen? Thanks in advance
  7. After 2 hours they finally started and downloaded
  8. what is going on with downloading right now, I just purchased a few items on the loyalty sale, and now I can't download my purchases, the just shows queued, I have restarted Orbx Central, and completely restarted my computer, my internet is working just fine on my PC also!
  9. Again I will ask, will other FlyTampa scenery be coming to Orbx?
  10. You posted in this thread showing pics of broken roads about 8 months ago
  11. place the folder into TE Washington/Custom/objects folder, Sorry but I can't get your textures to work, my directory structure is not exactly the same
  12. roads don't look okay to me in this pic.
  13. Any word on a fix for the missing textures, and the roads around KSEA? I posted over 6 months ago about the roads, and I see there is a temporary fix for the missing textures for buildings around KSEA.
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