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  1. A quick question, will the Milviz pc-6 for MSFS ever be offered in Orbx Central?
  2. Thank you, but if I change the drive letter that I have them currently installed on I will have problems with the programs currently installed on that drive.
  3. Hello, I currently have on a mechanical hard drive with all my Orbx products install in the Orbx LIBRARY there, I will be installing a SATA SSD, to move the products I currently have installed can I just move my Orbx Librarys directory to the new SSD, then just scan for Libraries or edit the Main Library Directory? Thanks.
  4. I tried that, but then I lost all my link to what I currently had installed, I did get it fixed though I went into "Users/name/AppData/Roaming/Orbx" and edited the file central.json with notepad+ and changed the window settings and added true to show in system tray, and now I got my window back on screen, and all my links still show and what I have installed shows up. Thanks for your help
  5. I already uninstalled and reinstalled, and that did not work, and I can't get to that screen in Central to check those things
  6. I need help, I changed my computer screen setup, and went from a triple monitor setup to a single screen setup, when I was using the three screen setup Orbx Central opened to the far right, now on my single screen setup when I open Orbx Central it still goes to the far right, where I can't see it off screen, I have tried all the things to get a screen back on your desktop, but they are not working, is there a way to reset the applications config, so I can get my program back on screen? Thanks in advance
  7. After 2 hours they finally started and downloaded
  8. what is going on with downloading right now, I just purchased a few items on the loyalty sale, and now I can't download my purchases, the just shows queued, I have restarted Orbx Central, and completely restarted my computer, my internet is working just fine on my PC also!
  9. Again I will ask, will other FlyTampa scenery be coming to Orbx?
  10. You posted in this thread showing pics of broken roads about 8 months ago
  11. place the folder into TE Washington/Custom/objects folder, Sorry but I can't get your textures to work, my directory structure is not exactly the same
  12. roads don't look okay to me in this pic.
  13. Any word on a fix for the missing textures, and the roads around KSEA? I posted over 6 months ago about the roads, and I see there is a temporary fix for the missing textures for buildings around KSEA.
  14. Thanks for your help, I am a big Orbx Supporter and own everyone of their X-Plane products, and almost a hundred of their PD3 products, so I have spent thousands of dollars over the years, yes it would be nice to not have to use another product to make something look half way decent, Washington Enhancement has been out for a log time now, and many including myself have complained about issues, but nothing has not been fixed. It kinda pisses people off.
  15. I thought That the enhancement pack only added textures, but it is adding jetways to KSEA, But until Orbx fixes the missing textures, and makes jetways that don't look like crap, I will be using DD Seattle Airports. Yes I am using XOrganizer
  16. No additional payware enabled, But this is what I get when having TE Washington Airports needs to be below any version of KSEA, including the default demo version
  17. the only folder that the enhancement pack adds is the "Orbx_A_US_Washington_TE_Airports" correct, and does it change files in the othe Washington TE folders?
  18. I did have my I did have my scenery layer that way
  19. Why do my Jetways change at KSEA when I have the enhancement pack installed, I had to uninstall the enhancement pack along with Washington HD and reinstall Washington HD to get my Jetways to look normal.
  20. Will we ever see a fix to the Jetways in the Washington Enhancement pack, they look like crap, and go through Traffic Globals parked aircraft, It is the only airport I have seen this happen. I have the paid SAM so I wish I could use those there
  21. Thanks I just turned off the lighting in UWXP and I am using everything else, and now the lights turn off during the day!
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