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  1. Over the last few years I have been acquiring products for both FSX and X-Plane. As a result I seem to have Orbx Libraries and Orbx Backups folders all across my four drives. Now trying to clean up drives in anticipation of the new MS Flight Simulator. Can all those folders be combined on one drive or do I face the horror of uninstalling and reinstalling everything? Bear in mind I am 75 years old and don't want to spend the next couple years doing that! Thanks, Les
  2. I currently have TE Northern California installed. If I purchase the HD version will it require another 210 GB or just combine with the SD version? or, do you recommend uninstalling the SD version and replacing it with the HD version? Thank you, Les
  3. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: X-Plane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Install hangs at about 25% complete.
  4. Receipt # 5dd0bbe5be002 I recently purchased True Earth Northern California. I did not select to install in the X-Plane directory. I also did not realize the Library was on my C: drive which only had 20GB free. The installation then terminated. The drive is still full so I need to find out how to remove the partial install so I can then reinstall in the X-plane directory. The C: drive does not have enough space for FTX Central to even load. Les
  5. I just installed the new Northern California SD product. I selected install in the ORBX library rather than X-Plane. My C: drive is now full! Doesn't have enough space for FTX Central to run. I need to move the ORBX products to a different drive, but don't know how to uninstall the ORBX products and then reinstall to another drive. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Les
  6. Brzl, I just did this on my FSX machine. Moved the entire ORBX folder to a drive with more room on it. Works great with a tiny slowdown because of the SATA rather than an SSD. One of the contributors On the FlightSim FSX forum gave me very detailed instructions for my specific case but that thread may be helpful Les Hintz
  7. Greetings, Is there a way to move the ...FSX\ORBX folder to a different drive? My SSD is getting full. If I need to delete areas then reinstall in a different location I will, but hoping for an easier way. I have a 1TB drive that is no way near full. Thanks, Les Order number FSS 033189
  8. Just purchased an installed San Diego a few days ago. Scenery settings are per the User Manual. I do not see the PAPI lights on approach. Les Hintz FSS0382238
  9. Jarrad, Thanks for your rapid response. Thanks again for a beautiful job on Innsbruck. Les
  10. I have been using the Aerosoft A 320 and flying the step-by-step tutorial which starts parked at Parking 5 RAMP GA LARGE. I recently purchased and installed the ORBX Innsbruck product and installed with no problems. Went to run the Aerosoft tutorial tonight and there is no Parking 5 listed. Did the ORBX Innsbruck change the AFCAD? The Innsbruck software is superb. I was in that area (Near the Zugspitze) in the 60s and can find some of those areas. Help would be appreciated. Les Hintz FSS 0382238
  11. Thanks guys! My ancient eyes completely missed the fact that BOB must be started!! This is a time when RTFM wasn't enough, I should have RTFM CAREFULLY! Now Bob and I can go exploring! Thanks again, Les
  12. Running FSX-SE, and FTX Central 3. Downloaded Bob to explore scenery with. Unfortunately, even having followed the user guide, I can't get the little cuss to move. I can turn his sound off and on, but he will not move. I have tried selecting him immediately as well as loaded a real aircraft and then switching to him. Yes - I am trying to use the throttle to get him moving. Probably something simple but I need help. Thanks, Les Order Number - FSS0508549
  13. Disregard - Re-downloaded the software and install went fine. Les
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