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  1. Not working for me either.
  2. Looking forward to buying OLCAsia 1,2,3. Scott
  3. I have the same, maybe since the last msfs patch the airport needs to be updated to be compatible? Scott
  4. Maybe have Central show a orange dot next to the group the scenery is in. Example.. Global Range, Europe, North America, Oceania. Then you know there's an update in that group. Scott
  5. I'd like to report this method did not work for me. Hope to see an update with Orbx HD buildings to resolve this. Scott
  6. Thank you Orbx! Will be buying both of them when available. Scott
  7. Smudger, Thanks for that info. I have a paid version of FSUIPC and followed your instruction. So now I have my airport labels back. Thanks to you too Paul. Scott
  8. Hi Paul, I use to use this all the time with FSX but when I switched to P3d4 v1-v5 I can no longer use this. Maybe a request is needed over at the Lockheed p3D forums. Scott
  9. Same issue at EGTC. I use REX World Wide Airports for my airports but seems Orbx HD Buildings are changing some of the buildings at airports. Scott
  10. This looks so amazing! Thank you for this. Look forward flying the world with this beauty. Scott
  11. Welcome back, It's good to hear that you will be able to get back into your passion. Thank you for your honorable service. Scott
  12. Thanks again for the latest Freeware pack. I hope you will consider KHKY Hickory North Carolina for your next pack. Thanks to all. Scott
  13. Ticker 7, what are your computer spec's? Scott
  14. Very sad to hear about this. Rest in Heaven, Neil. Scott
  15. Thank you Matteo for your help. As you noted I looked for those files and saw that I had one off and one on. I deleted the ones with the .off and that fixed the problem. Also I notice in the configure panel it now stays selected when I select either option to use SCA mode or OLC mode. Scott
  16. Don't see this issue being discussed so maybe it's just me. After installing the 2.10 update I now see two carriers together as shown in my screenshot. Also my boats at the marinas seem to be on land as the other screen shot shows. I did a uninstall and reinstall to see if this would correct its self. Any advise on what's causing this? Scott
  17. Congrats on your 10th Iain. I have enjoyed your screenshots thru the years. I look forward to another 10, 15, 20, ? more years of great screen shots. Scott
  18. Hi Guys, thanks for the latest Freeware pack. Much appreciated. As my request did not make it in to the latest pack. I'm hoping KHKY Hickory North Carolina can make it in your next pack. Thanks to all. Scott
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