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  1. SOOOOOOO.........glad to see a wonderful east coast airport and scenery!! I have spent summers at Bar Harbor and it is a beautiful area.
  2. Hello Holger, have an update. I discovered the error. The error is mine and not Orbx. I had a brain freeze and forget to apply PNW group. FTX Global was applied automatic and when I installed PNW just forgot to apply it. I have water now. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply Holger. I have no addons . This is what I did after loading P3dv3.2 from a fresh download. First thing i downloaded was FTX Global then next I downloaded the latest Libraries. Next I loaded P3d and took off from Seattle airport and water was everywhere where it should be. No problems. I shut down P3d and loaded PNW. After that I started P3D and took off from Seattle and all water was gone and landclass where water is suppose to be was trees?
  4. Hello, I have P3dv3 and I have ( in this order on Scenery Library) top of the list, Latest Library, PNW, Northern California, and FTX Global. My problem is in the PNW there are trees (landclass) where all the water is suppose to be? All lakes, bays, streams all trees. I have ASN, and REX 4 for weather. This is the first time I have ever had a problem like this. BTW, just recently went to P3dv3.2 from v2.5 and in the process of loading my orbx scenery and noticed this problem, any ideas?
  5. Thanks so much for the replies and the information and the heads up for FTX Central v2.
  6. Just downloaded PNW 180 for P3Dv3.1. Should the latest Orbx libraries be on top of PNW or PNW on top of Libraries? Or, does it matter ? Also, do you need FTX Global for PNW to work properly or will it work without it? Thanks
  7. Hi Thank you all very much for your replies. I will download the installer from FSS and install scenery into V3.1. Thank you all again, great community!!
  8. AS new P3Dv3.1 installers come available for all my P3Dv2.5 Orbx scenery, is all I have to do since I just downloaded P3Dv3.1 is just open the scenery and direct it to P3Dv3.1?
  9. For you that have bought open LC NA how do you like it so far? Going to buy and download today! Regards Lamar Wright
  10. Hey, thanks JJ, should have done more looking!!!
  11. Just installed P3D v2.5 and was just wondering can I now install my Orbx FTX Global Base 110 & 120 or do I need installers first? I have plenty of other Orbx addon scenery to install. Thanks
  12. Thanks Ian, somehow I missed John's post on this subject. It answers my question and I understand John's point of view. It is a big task with all this work to make our flying more enjoyable, so it will be ready when it's ready! Cheers Lamar
  13. Hello All, just wondering if there was any update on LC for North America.....Thanks Lamar
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