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  1. Great to see much more details in the Rotterdam region compared to P3D.
  2. As mentioned earlier in this topic there are some important churches and lighthouses missing. For example my hometown Gouda is missing the Sint Jans Church and the iconic city hall: Also missing the railbridge which you can see from the sky as a VFR reference:
  3. Still don’t get why people are still on the “old” and limited 32-bit platforms. As long as developers keep supporting them they will not move to next-gen platforms. It is 2018 guys! But anyway, fair decision.
  4. Wow this looks amazing! Forget FSX, P3D, FSW... THIS is the future! AF2 is great for VR, but has still a (very) long way to go. I switched from P3D v4 to XP11 couple months ago and this trailer underlines the potency of XP.
  5. Thanks for the update, is there anything to say about a timeframe for The Netherlands region for X-Plane?
  6. Great! Thank you for the updates. Can't wait for The Netherlands region in X-Plane
  7. Not entirely correct, NL2000 does not place every house etc. in 3D. Just random Autogen with a lot of POI's So every house means millions of houses all over The Netherlands!
  8. I'm more curious about the performance. Because this region will feature every house, building, tree, mast, power line, windmill, etc. in 3D.
  9. Amazing!! Instant buy for me. Can we also expect some dedicated ORBX Airports for this FTX region?
  10. I will stick with P3D v4, Aerofly FS2 looks great but I will not call it a in-depth flightsimulator. Nice for some casual flying but I don't see PMDG, A2A and Aerosoft onboard in the near future.
  11. I love it, except the ugly water images/textures . Hopefully this will change in the future.
  12. Maybe because there's a difference between the beta's and the final release candidate?
  13. Great news! Looking forward for some official news from LM about V3
  14. You can't compare FSX SE with P3D, both are build on ESP but totally different. In the future you will only see some bug fixes on FSX SE, not the improvements like we see in P3D.
  15. Fantastic shots with an great aircraft.
  16. The flying Dutchman in action, nice shots!
  17. Great video with the beautiful P3D effects and shadows!
  18. That's what I mean, there are also no water/snow spray, smoke, rain wash and other effects visible.
  19. Yes, there are problems with effect files not shown in FSX SE. Lot of reports already on the steam forum.
  20. I can confirm this, most effects are not working in the FSX Steam edition.
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