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  1. Well it seems that more customers have problems with the delivery company (Microsoft). If I were the supplier, I would take these complaints very seriously and contact the delivery company what is going on. And in the worst case scenario, withdraw the products from this platform.
  2. Seems I’m not the only one who noticed the difference in quality: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/Orbx-london-city-in-store-not-good/123498
  3. I’m also a bit disappointed after the livestream: https://fselite.net/news/fselite-exclusive-livestream-of-Orbx-products-in-microsoft-flight-simulator/ I know it is a work in progress but the scenery looks like a direct port from P3D/XP. Was hoping for some more/better details and features to use Microsoft Flight Simulator it’s full potential.
  4. Great! Would love to see more landmark products, especially in those areas where there is no photogrammetry.
  5. Excellent news! I guess the focus is mainly on airports and VFR objects, because MSFS has already a great satellite coverage.
  6. More info: “The next generation of our longest-running franchise, Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Windows 10 with Xbox Game Pass in 2020, and coming to Xbox One at a later date. Microsoft Flight Simulator is specifically designed to celebrate flight simulation fans through a focus on the authenticity of flying and visually stunning environments. By revamping our tech, working in close collaboration with the community and pursuing the best partnerships across the industry, we intend to deliver the best-in-class flight simulation experience.” https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2019/06/09/xbox-e3-2019-briefing-recap/
  7. Nope, it’s written different, sorry for you. BTW there are a lot of Dutch people with this name.
  8. I think they learned lessons from MS Flight. I guess Microsoft did a lot of research and knows that a closed platform will die very soon. After all the future is bright!
  9. Amazing! The future is here... This is the reason why I switched to X-Plane a few months ago.
  10. Unfortunately still not fixed at this moment, running XP 11.30r3 en latest FTX Central. I hope you ORBX guys are also testing out new Beta's/RC's?
  11. It is not that dark, the default livery of the Mustang is a bit darker than usual in my opinion. And in X-Plane it also depends on the lighting and cloud shadows. There were a lot of high clouds during this flight.
  12. Don't fully agree on that, there are still some ground issues at Cardiff in 11.30r1:
  13. Yes it is when you’re having fun! Nice Alphajet shot.
  14. Thanks! That would be absolutely amazing if this is possible, split it in parts/tiles like TE GB. Count me in!
  15. Amazing work! Can’t wait to see other country’s and regions. And of course still hoping/dreaming of an TE Netherlands XP solution.
  16. I can't help but after the X-Plane version this feels like a 'small' step back. However, great news for P3D users of course!
  17. Amazing, all these airports look so much better in XP. Keep them coming!
  18. Thanks! In this case it's MaxxFX but it xVision can do the same
  19. Great shots with a nice classic plane.
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