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  1. Hello Check you dat files,make sure none are missing,go down the list looking for missing numbers, if any missing delete alll and let it rebuild. Path to follow (C;)/ProgramData/Microsoft/FSX/SceneryIndexes.worked for me Kind Regrads Paul
  2. Hello Scenery File Indexes check that they are all there,count them make sure no gaps in the numbering.If any missing let it build new again
  3. Good Morning,Nick is any one else reporting a issue with Gustavus runway edge lights,if it is an alpha channel issue is just my PC thats causing this.Just to ask Nick is your Gustavus airport a recent download. Kind Regards Paul
  4. Hello,Kevin Thank you for your advice on this,just bought Global in the sale. Kind Regards Paul
  5. Hello,Nick Sadly the same issue,if you can think of any think else to try that would be great. If no fix, Day time flying only to Gustavus for now. Thank you so much for your time and help with this. I cant understand I have airports from Russ White all work first class.Just a thought Nick,could I move a file[runway edge light] from a working Russ White airport to try. Kind Regards Paul
  6. Thank you,Nick Just done a 1.1 gig libraries down load.I will try again. Kind Regards Paul
  7. thank you,Nick.Have noticed FSX did not rebuild shaders after delete. Kind Regards Paul
  8. Hello,Nick Anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing ON, I have deleted shader and shader 10 still an issue. Dont understand this I have bought four airports this week,three work fine,along with ten other Orbx Airports. Never had a problem till I bought Gustavus. Yours works fine Nick as per your picture,is there some thing else for me to try. When I start FSX should I see it building anything at all.Just to ask Nick,what are the squares is it an effect problem or corupt file maybe, never see this in my sim before. Kind Regards Paul
  9. Good Evening,Nick still same issue,can you give me advice on Steve's fixer settings you have and remind me how to delete shaders please. Have noticed as I fly around the lights squares rotate,left or right with the turn.Thanks again for your Help Kind Regards Paul 2017-12-2_21-22-8-916.BMP 2017-12-2_21-21-18-797.BMP
  10. Hello,Nick Thank you for your help with this,that's what I will try next.Will let you know Kind Regards paul
  11. Just a thought, could FTX Global be split in to regions to buy.I fly only in the American scenery area's. Would like the benefit of Global, Vector and LC North America,with out the expense of buying area's I will never fly in.
  12. a couple more pictures,Nick 2017-12-2_16-31-8-56.BMP 2017-12-2_16-31-8-56.BMP
  13. Good Afternoon,Nick Its running in FSX Acceleration with DX10 enabled and Steve's fix applied.I have bought four Alaskan Airports this week in the sale, this is the only one with this issue.Any help appreciated Nick.
  14. 2017-12-2_9-32-20-16.BMPJust bought Gustavus airport and runway edge lights have this issue,no other Orbx airport I own have this effect.Any Help appreciated. 2017-12-2_9-27-29-917.BMP 2017-12-2_9-27-31-470.BMP
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