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  1. Well that would be because I am one of the devs the converted it over from p3d for Aerosoft And im just more then anything informing you and I believe our Aerosoft rep is in contact aswell I was not aware of this tho when I started the post. And you are quite right you can not go around messing with other developers payware Airports. Also there is a mesh issue aswell that is being discussed too.
  2. I have said to be fair that it is the Aerosoft payware version of Malaga.
  3. Here is the scenery ini file but its not a layering issue I don't think as a few other people also have this issue scenery_packs.ini
  4. LEMG also has autogen messing with the Aerososft Airport
  5. I doubt it will be as they worked with Spain UHD mesh so id imagine there will be some issues of floating buildings etc. Malaga is ok apart from the chunk out the mountains all objects seems to be ok just needs some exclusion zones added.
  6. he has a few good points like active sky next not working and i know pmdg are updating their installers tomorrow. I sent asn a support ticket and they are working on a fix so I think in a couple of weeks it will be ok.
  7. After having a play in my scenery library turning certain folders on and off it seems the the custom folder for example FTX_EU_ENG_08_custom are the one causing the problem when you have the regions and ftx global on together at night time its my belief that this folder cause the night lights to vanish when you have ftx global on when flying in regions
  8. Well ethier away this is very dissapointing not happy at all
  9. Hi guy i have a problem with ftx global I also have the whole of the uk addons aswell. Basically My road lights are a few scattered here and thier its nothing like whats pictured in this link http://airdailyx.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/ftx-global-v11-patch-latest-info.html so i was woundering if you could help me with this problem?
  10. Thanks roger i understand what your saying but to keep turning EU England on and off is a bit of a pain. espcially when i always fly from england to say a Spain or Greece
  11. here is my problem guys all my scenery in the med and Greece etc the warter and land seems to merge under is a screen shot of GCTS with Orbx installed. Here is a screen shot without Orbx england so could someone tell me why im haveing this issue
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