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  1. Hi Joe have you tried to move the Graphic sliders to higher level?
  2. From my experience, this is a kind of a Dead Spot in the terrain. to identify whether its Orbx or LM issue, I suggest the following: Write down the exact location (in coordinates) of this Dead Spot, or mark it on PlanG (if you have). Disable the relevant Orbx region (this will bring you LM default terrain), and re-fly over the Dead Spot. If there is no Dead Spot effect, then its Orbx issue.
  3. Hi Larry Thanks for updating CAX6. Just wonder, if works fine in P3D v4, why not appears as a new update for v4 in FTX Central 3? Thanks Sam
  4. 2GB GCU Memory is the Minimum system requirement for V4. Suggest you'll try first with the Default graphic setting before moving sliders to max. And try it with Bonanza A36, not with F-35. Cheers Sam
  5. Thanks again Ben Issue was resolved by FSS Support Center. All my purchased products was transferred ok. Cheers Sam
  6. Thanks Ben Here is what i got. I'm requested to update my account. But my FSS account is the one I'm using!
  7. I have the same problem Although I'm using the same Email and password as in my FSS account, can't transfer my purchased products, get this message: It looks like you don't have any products in your account Now, on FSX Cenrtal 3, I can't update my purchased products, get this message: "You do not have access to this build" Kindly advice Sam
  8. Hi Angel Its looks like VECTOR issue. In your Sim, go from World command to Scenery Library, disable (uncheck) the area line - FTX_VECTOR_EXX, and the missing reservoir will appear. Cheers
  9. As per Holger advise, Issue Resolved by cycle between active groups in FTX Central Thanks Holger. Sam
  10. As per Holger advise, Issue Resolved by cycle between active groups in FTX Central . Thanks much Sam
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