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  1. Dear Sirs, Is there any solution for the problem related on this topic? It is marked as answered, Maybe I'm missing something, sorry.... Best regards, plinio
  2. Hi Nick I'm facing this problem in LOWI and I was following this topic. I know you guys are working on the issue and saw no reason to bother you before. However, I believe that maybe I can help sharing what I'm facing as well (*). My problem in LOWI is that "the runway disappears at certain viewing angles", mainly when you look in the East/West or West/East direction. I have also identified that there are flashes of some "ghost" textures/object in many places while looking around. These "ghost" textures/objects appears and disappears very fast. I'm sure I have seen this textures in the following locations among others: 1) When taxing to runway 08 in the south-west sector of the Airport, still in the taxiway, while looking towards south. 2) When taxing on the runway, towards West, to take off in runway 08 at almost the end of the runway before doing the 180 degrees turn in order to position the aircraft towards east in RW 08. These "ghost" textures appears over the lights at the end of the runway. I have also seen this "ghost" texture/objects problem in some other airports from Orbx, like ESNQ, ESSV, ESSD, etc, and also in airports from other developers ( I'm not sure but guess it was at Mega Airport Frankfurt for V5 from Aerosoft) (*) Please note that i just build a brand new computer (I9 9900K, GTX1080 TI, 32MB RAM) and did a clean Prepard3d V5 HF1 installation (no prepar3d V4.5 was left in my computer. I re-downloaded everything from your website as well as from other developers, sorry...). I'm also only installing Prepar3D V5 compatible add-ons. If it is not compatible with V5 I do not install it. Almost forgot to say that I'm installing all Orbx product in a separate Library (Other Hard Drive) outside Prepar3d directory. I have another question though, regarding OBJECT FLOW. I was not able to find where I can have access to this file in Orbx CENTRAL. I went to the Misc. section where I see CHASE PLANE (as per your picture) and was not able to find this. However, in the add-on section of PREPAR3D V5 I have seen a file called "OBJECT FLOW" on the list of add-ons. Thank you and keep safe. PS: forgot to mention what I have installed: - Orbx Global base, - All OPEN LC, - Building HD - Trees HD, - All Orbx regions. Although I do not have any TRUE EARTH regions in Prepar3D V5, and the only exception is TE Netherlands. - Many Airports.... - I'm using Prepar3d V5 out of the box terrain mesh.. Plinio
  3. Uauuuu! Great video, very impressive. It looks like the diameter of the 777 engine is bigger than the fuselage of the tiny Embraer.... cheers from Rio de Janeiro!!!
  4. amazingn shots!! sorry to bother you, but I really like the color and the lighting of your pictures, what is the Xvision preset you use? Cheers!!
  5. john, let me only make another quick question: what is the Xvision preset Ian Emms uses in his pictures? In case you guys are using more than one Xvision preset, I will appreciate if you can also let me know what you are using, so I can see what better suits me. Thank you and sorry to bother you again. Cheers from Rio de Janeiro, Plinio
  6. Hi Jon thank you for your quick response and tips. Glad to know that this is how it looks like. fo ryour info my specs are the following? CPU I7 4790 K Oc at 4.6 GHz GPU GTX 1080 TI 24 Mb of RAM my settngs are in the below screen (resolution is 2560x1440) Everything is ok, and thank you fro rearanging my scenery INI and teh tips on the lights. Cheers and happy new year!! Plinio
  7. Dear Sirs, I have just installed TE Washington and TE Oregon HD. I decide to do an experimental flight over Friday Harbor in WA and found the quality of the textures not good and bit "bluried". I believe I did something wrong during installation. Please find below some pictures I did and my Scenery Pack.INI file. Would you please let me know if this is normal, or if I did something wrong during installation? Thank you Plinio scenery_packs.ini
  8. another example. Please compare the below pictures from Los Angeles. As you can see there is not a single tree inside Los Angeles Area. It is clear that something is wrong when you compare this images with the below video where you can see various trees inside the building autogen?
  9. this is a picture from close to 2B2 Plum Island. As you can see there are trees toghether with the Buildings autogen...
  10. Dear Sirs, I`m having similar problem in many places. For example in YHBA. See attached pictures and compare them with image # 4 of the product page. No trees at the end of the runway and in the citie. I`m facing this problem in other places as well. It looks like the Building Autogen is not allowing the Trees autogen to appear. I have this for example in Souther California, close to KLAX. But, for example in YBTH this is not happening, which proves that it is not happening everywhere. In Sidney Australia for example (3rd picture), same thing is happening). there are no trees where you have building autogen. (I have FLY tampa Sydnei Airport installed) I do have all ORBX regions (except for True earth in England), All the Vector and Open LC ,global base + several airports all over the world (from ORBX and other developers). I do not have any other product installed like photo-scenery and other vectortexture enhancing products. appreciate your help. Thank you and best regards, Plinio
  11. Hi Nick, Thank you for your quick reply. Understood, you can tag this topic as resolved. And congrats again for the wonderful scenario!!. You can tag this as Cheers, Plinio
  12. Dear Sir, First of all congratulation for the beautiful rendition of Australia in AU V2, it is amazing!!. I started some time a go a journey in an A2A C-182 "Skylane" in Milford Sound, New Zealand (NZMF), and the final destination is Perth in Australia (I'm almost there). The Plan was to cross NZ from South (almost) to North, then cross the Tasman Sea with a stop in Norfolk island, Arriving in Ballina, Queensland Australia (YBNA) , and then head west to Perth crossing the whole Australia. At this moment I'm almost there, and arrived today in Norseman, Westeern Australia (YNSM). Please find attached my KMZ file showing my route. C182 NZ-AU.kmz The reason why I'm writing to you, is because I'm curious about strange blurred (??) textures I found while overflying some POI in Australia V2 like Lakes and Mines. These POIs presented a strange Texturing, that looks "blurried" and kind strange when you look the surrounding very crispy textures. I not sure if this is a problem of my computer settings/AU V2 installation or if it is a problem of ORBX software itself (Maybe is a problem while mixing Photoscenery with Land class,,,...???). For your information my Prepar3d V4.5 (is updated) setting are maximized all the way to the right, and I work with: FXAA ON; AA 4xSSA; Anisotropic filtering: Anisotropic 16x; Texture resolution Ultra - 4096x4096 Video resoultion is 2560x1440; Locked frame rate 26 without VSYNG/TB. Use high resolution textures ON; Dynamic 3D Autogen vegetation OFF HDR Enable Dynamic reflection LOW my CPU is an I7 4790K OC 4600 GHz water cooled with 24 MB RAM and my GPU is a NVDIA GTX1080 TI With these setting my frame rates during this journey are always at 26 (locked) it drops a bit while passing high density areas (like big cities) I 'm arriving in Norsemann (YNSM), Western Australia. and find very strange texturing and this is basically what is happening with all the POIS i Have went through: Blurry textures and strange interface of textures between the Land CLASS and the Photoscenery (??). Therefore, please find below some pictures I took while arriving to YNSM and surroundings: Arriving Lake Cowan Arriving the Airport YNSM In the below picture you can even see the Airport in the photoscenery texture as well (very blurred) The landclass textures is very crispy compared with the other (lake??) texture Some other pictures i took while arriving in YPKG yesterday The mesh of the mine is very nice, but the texture is completely Blurry You can see from the above that the above the differences in the textures. Anyway, I would like to know if this strange/blurred textures are correct or if I did something wrong in the installation or in my settings. Awaiting your comments. Best regards Plinio
  13. Hi nick, After deleting the 3 YTNB original files and substitued them with the 3 files you attached in the other topic solved my problem. Thank you for you support!!! Cheers, Plinio
  14. Hi Nick, Thank you for your quick reply. I will check it out as soon as I get back home and will let you know. Cheers, Plinio
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