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  1. The issue has been answered already multiple times, hence closed
  2. Hi Richard, I've moved it together a bit, but in fact no need to list the sceneries as the order number takes care of that for us just for the record, your login at the orbx direct site is one thing, the login to the forums is another thing
  3. Cheers mate, long time indeed, no worries In the meantime a few things have changed, namely with FTX Central and the way updates and patches are delivered first and foremost make sure you have the latest library files installed, available at the Support page atm I'm at work, hence not much options to get things sorted, when I get home I'll add to the post to get you up to speed
  4. Thank you for reporting Seeing exactly the same here with fsX+Acc I'll report it to the team
  5. seems all correct, please park the zip files not in the same folder, right click and run the exe as Administrator and make sure you have the latest library files installed
  6. Our Data base records show: 244861 ORB-071 Orbx - FTX: NZ North Island 290650 ORB-000 Orbx - FTX: Australia SP4 Download INVALID - Product doesn't exist on order 373227 not sure how that is possible but maybe you used another mail addy for that? I suggest you check your registry entries and make sure when applying the installers to select fsX SE and NOT fsX To check the registry entry => Registry fix tool at the bottom of the page
  7. Hi Ahmet, Welcome to the world of an overzealous AV proggy, it is a false positive. stop Norton all together, better still get writ of it as fast as you can. Go for NOD32 much smaller footprint and adaptable to your personal preferences
  8. As far as I can detect it is outside of the coverage area of FTX, I'll give a notice to the Devs, but I can not guarantee in any form or way that they will address it.
  9. For support queries please be so kind and add your ordernumber(s) to your Sig as per forum rules. Info on how to do that you can find here => http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/1157-important-notice-please-add-your-order-to-your-sig-for-support
  10. now you are confusing me, if you disable all the PNW folders, via you fsX CP, then in ...\Microsoft Flight SimulatorX\Scenery\World\Scenery\ADE_FTX_PNW_KAWO_elevation_adjustment.BGL is still active, you can rename the extension to .off to render it inactive also make darned sure that your mesh res is set to 5 mtr.
  11. because the file is active in ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Scenery\ADE_FTX_PNW_KAWO_elevation_adjustment.BGL
  12. you can mouse over it and copy the error text to a notepad file and then attach it to your post
  13. To add to Richards reply, Did you run the AEC tool and then hit Apply? Did you update Vector to the latest version? Do have the latest library files installed and run the migration tool you can leave the PNW active when using OLC
  14. there is a details button on the error pop up, that should normally expand the error message with all it's details
  15. Could you be so kind and share your system specs and OS with us
  16. Did you install the latest library files? When done that then run the migration tool available under the troubleshooting tab of FTX Central v2 Once you run the migration tool there will be popping up several MsDos screens It can take a bit of time, but please wait till a little pop up appears that the migration is complete Hit OK To check if it went correctly use the migration troubleshooter => ".....\ORBX\Troubleshooter\MigrationTroubleshooter.exe Wait till it does it's thing and the msDos screen will give green text behind the various sceneries
  17. Hi Phil, please check if your scenery.cfg located => C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX folder specifically the first entry looks like this: [Area.001] Title=Default Terrain Local=Scenery\World Texture_ID=1 Layer=1 Active=TRUE Required=TRUE
  18. Hi Pontius, to uninstall CAC8 please proceed as follows: In your scenery Control Panel in fsX delete the entry for CAC8 hit ok and let the scenery Dbase rebuild Go to => ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_NA and delete the FTX_AA_CAC8 folder Go to => ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\Scripts and delete the following files: orbx_cpl_CAC8.xml scenerylib_CAC8.cfg then right click and "run as Administrator" the FTXConfigurator.exe , you will not see anything happen as it is a silent application. Go to => ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\User Documents and delete the CAC8 User Guide.pdf Go to => ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\User Documents\Versions and delete the FTX_CA_CAC8.txt fire up FTX Central and all entries to CAC8 should be gone fire up your fsX and the "error message" should be gone
  19. Fab screens and story Bernd made by Manfred and available at Simdocks.de
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