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  1. We are always waiting for the EGLC patch which one was told to be in beta testing 15 days ago by Orbx!
  2. I agree with that we need an update for EGLC to resolve this horrible black patch on the water left side of the runway and to resolve the problem of the railways crossing through the building.
  3. I have baught EGLC and hope a patch too for the same water problem..
  4. Hi, Did you fix those errors? Regards
  5. I don't have any OZx sceneries and no other files for YBBN than the Orbx YBBN airport...
  6. No Ants YBBN installed at all only FTX global base and Orbx sceneries like AusV2!! And everytime i reinstall full fresh P3D4.5 with Orbx YBBN it is the same pb so you are a very lucky man not having this pb...
  7. Yes it does i think too about an elevation problem so please investigate on it and fix it.
  8. In KSTS Sonoma County Regional Airport\Effects there is an texture file fx_2_orbx_KSTS.bmp which should be in the texture folder of the effects folder and there is none texture folder created by the install of KSTS after migration of this scenery! Thanks to update the installer! Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  9. Hi, In KPSP folder you there is an effect file ORBX_KPSP_LightShade_RotMed.fx which is present this is normal but you duplicate it too in the texture folder of the effect folder which shouldn't be the case! Thanks to update your installer for this! Regards Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  10. I am very disappointed about this Orbx Central update, the library order is a mess, when you migrate all the effects, bgl files duplicate in scenery/world/scenery, textures files the same, simobjects, librairies etc..Frankly disappointed, sometimes i wonder if you don't take your customers for beta-testers! However something is positive for the ability to install your sceneries outside P3D but to the price of a full reinstall of P3D i think! Regards
  11. Could i have a support for this problem and the position of Orbx regards to YBBN?
  12. Thanks Nick i understand it is late in Australia, i hope they will answer to all my questions at the begining of this post after wake up and coffee :)!
  13. Hi again, I have made a lot of tests and first i have tested with two options in YBBN control panel : 1) FSX ground Poly and 2) Photoreal ground texture with native fsx runways. I have discovered with 1) FSX Ground poly both runways are not flat at all sometimes plane is in the air and sometimes the wheel touch normally the runway. It seems you have used 2 bgl Rwy19.bgl and Rwy14.bgl in YBBN scenery to give the feeling it is flat but if you look the plane wheels are not touching the runway very often and the plane is often in the air! The pb of those bgl i think is creating the textures problem i meet! if i use the option 2)Photoreal ground texture with native fsx runways,it is desactivating automatically those runways bgl, the texture problem disappear and the runways are completely flat but native fsx runways are not very nice and realistic for a payware scenery and i would like to use option 1! I add everything is set correctly in my P3DV4.5 for this scenery so it would be great you do a fix to resolve this pb i have already told you. Thanks to investigate seriously i am pretty sure this scenery has a pb with option 1 settings. Cf pictures pb with option 1 set. Best regards
  14. Hello, I use P3D4.5 FTX global base, FTX regions and FTX Airports, i have set my insertion point for airport and ftx regions below my scenery number 90 and i have set the insertion point for Global open LC below the Orbx product and FTX regions: 1) It works except for one scenery which is 3W5 concrete Municipal, this scenery comes in first position of my p3dV4 library?? Why? 2) In second position i have a new Orbx Librairies global entry is it normal? 3) In third position i have a new Orbx librairies lookup entry is it normal? I have never seen the 2 and 3 entries before the new Orbx Central 4) FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS is now in a strange place between 2 FTX Airports entry above the 3 ORBXOPENLC entries which is above All the FTX Regions! Usually FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS is in first position of all Orbx entries so once again is it normal? ex: 1) Scenery 91 to 150 FTX AIRPORTS 2) Scenery 146 FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS 3) Scenery 147 FTX FTX AIRPORT 4) Scenery 153 ORBXOPENLC_BASE 5) Scenery 154 ORBXOPENLC_EUROPE1 6) Scenery 155 ORBXOPENLC_NA1 7) Scenery 156 to 197 FTX REGIONS 5) After migration of all my sceneries i have noticed than all the ORBX effects remain in P3DV4 effects folder! Is it normal why the migration leave them in P3DV4? Can i delete all those effects because they have already migrated towards the new Orbx Library\p3dv4 folder? 6) Same thing for ADE_FTX_Airport_Elevation_Adjustment files which remains in Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery? Can i delete those files too because they have already migrated towards the new Orbx Library\p3dv4 folder? Waiting for your answer. Regards Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
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