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  1. Nothing wrong in getting companies behind the movement to stop piracy. Although with Aerosoft, all their products get stolen by piracy thieves, they have the ability to be in-game marketplace only but choose not to because "lack of features." They would rather lose money than make money. MSFS has the ability to inject code via WASM, they just need a good coder/developer to do it properly.
  2. Piracy is getting out of control with modern gaming and people are uploading payware content on websites for free. Orbx needs to release an API where developers can inject this code inside of an airplane (maybe via WASM) where user needs the ability to authenticate the purchase with their linked Orbx account. Once authenticated they get a randomly generated code that the API reads by default and then the aircraft becomes flyable. If not, the aircraft won't be able to turn on. This API will all be done effortlessly without having the the user do anything but press 'Verify authentication' button. This will happen at least every 2 to three days, and whenever the aircraft receives an update. Introduce a way to stop piracy like this and people will flock to your service, till then piracy will still be an on-going issue.
  3. I forgot to put this in the Google doc, but it would be nice to later on integrate a system like what FS Economy or OnAir Company has. Make your own version of this system, currently both are horrible, one you need to get through hoops in order to sign up (and it's about 10 years old, 0 development was thought about this UI) and another is subscription based which is horrible, no free version. It would be nice to have your own company and invite friends to the company or freelance if you choose to do so. A system where you can be in control of your own Virtual Airliner company or one you can be apart of. If you can do this, everyone will flock to Volanta.
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