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Download Problem With Open LC South

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None of the links for FlightSim Store Open LC South are working. I breezed through East and North but had to skip South and go on to West which was fine. When I tried South for the second time my download manager tells me there is no file at all on CDN 1 and all the other servers are giving me errors and timeouts just for this one area. I've wasted about 5 download attempts trying to get this last file.

Help please



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I suspect that the servers are probably a bit overloaded.

Also, you don't need to re-open the download page again and again. Just open the download page, and every time you click a link on the download page, open the link in a new tab instead of opening the link in the same page.

This way you never need to reload the download page. The links don't seem to change either.

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