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  1. OK so I got it to work with the Zibo 738, but it doesn't work with the Toliss, yet every other airport I have SAM at, which is many and includes a couple I converted myself the jetways work fine with the Toliss.
  2. I can a little later, but the same aircraft works fine with my conversions and at other SAM enabled airports. I’ll report back in about an hour.
  3. Hi, the jetways at EGNM are not functioning for me. I'm seeing Marshallers when pulling up to the stand but the jetways never move. It doesn't matter if I arrive at the stand or load at Gate 7 or 8, neither of them ever move. I've integrated SAM jetways at a few of my own airports so I am familiar with them already. When viewing the SAM interface at EGNM and turning off "automatic connect jetways" the buttons for stand 7 and 8 remain dimmed/greyed out. Any third party files for EGNM have been confirmed removed and I have verified files in Orbx Central and confirm that sam.xml exists in the EGNM install folder.
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