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SoFly release Global Landings Middle East for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Sante Sottile

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SoFly release Global Landings Middle East for Microsoft Flight Simulator!


Ready to try something new?


Embark on a new journey around the Middle East in this thrilling pack that will put your landing skills to the test. You will get to discover every part of this diverse region and experience an array of landscapes, environments, and cities.


In Global Landings: Middle East, you will assume the role of pilot in command as you take on 80 varied approaches and landings across the continent. Put yourself in the role of the commander in both tough and easy weather scenarios before then taking on the same approach but in a whole new aircraft.


Experience the fun and a sense of completion in the product that changes on a daily basis. Thanks to the power of live weather, each challenge will change based on real-world conditions.


With Global Landings: Middle East, you will see areas like Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE. An assortment of aircraft awaits you as you make your way through this remarkable part of the world including the Boeing 747, the Cessna 172, and the Bonanza G36.


With scores provided following each landing, you will be able to earn top bragging points amongst your friends as you become the ultimate champion with Global Landings: Middle East.


Can you cope with anything thrown at you? Are you able to fly any aircraft in any weather? Take to the skies to test your skills and find out what you can do with Global Landings: Middle East! Your new adventure awaits! What are you waiting for?



  • 80 different possible landings split across various weather scenarios and aircraft types
  • Airports that are spread across the whole continent give you a flavor of everything the Middle East has to offer
  • Live weather challenges offer a unique landing each time
  • Choose from easy or hard weather scenarios to test your skills
  • Get scored after each successful landing to see where you can improve
  • Fly into each airport with multiple aircraft for a varied experience
  • Experience the fun and a sense of completion with great replayability
  • Earn a top score to get the ultimate bragging rights



$18.00 AUD

Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable.

US$11,88 | €11,03 | £9,33

USD, EUR, GBP estimates only

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