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SimPunk releases the Lift Aircraft Hexa - VTOL Drone for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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Join us in welcoming our new exclusive partner, Simpunk! The Lift Aircraft Hexa - VTOL Drone is now released for Microsoft Flight Simulator!


Hexa is an incredible technology concentrate! Here are some details about it:


Distributed Electric Propulsion

  • Hexa features eighteen independent electric motors and corresponding propellers. These are the only moving components needed for perfectly stable and controlled flight.


  • Hexa can land on both land and water.
  • It has six perimeter floats for buoyancy and stability, along with a fifth central float filled with energy-absorbing foam for additional buoyancy and protection during challenging landings.

Easy to Fly

  • A 3-axis joystick is all that's required to fly.
  • Automatic take-off and landing procedures are available.


  • Hexa's entire structure is made of carbon fiber.
  • The total weight is only 432 pounds (approximately 196 kg).
  • It complies with FAA Powered Ultralight classification, so no pilot license is required to fly.



  • Accurate 3d model
  • High-resolution carbon fiber texture
  • Custom Fly By Wire flight system and flight dynamics modeled from scratch
  • Customized instrumentation
  • Automatic take-off and landing functions
  • Can land on both land and water
  • Immersive and realistic sounds
  • VR compatible
  • 3D custom pilot


$32.99 AUD

Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable.

US$21,77 | €20,18 | £17,34

USD, EUR, GBP estimates only


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