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British Isles Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Coming soon to Orbx is the next Mesh product for Microsoft Flight Simulator - British Isles by Dymtro Krykunov. This marks the sixth instalment in our series of terrain enhancements, following the success of NZ Mesh, Iceland Mesh, NA Alaska Mesh, AS Himalaya Central Asia Mesh, and SA Mesh.


The British Isles is a collection of islands off the northwest coast of mainland Europe in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is made up of about 6,000 smaller islands as well as the islands of Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Northern Isles (Shetland and Orkney), the Inner and Outer Hebrides, and more.


An in-depth analysis of the existing default elevation data across the entire coverage area has guided the development of this add-on. Additional high-resolution data were integrated to fill existing problems with default low resolution DEM data, correct spikes and troughs along DEM grid sections throughout the British Isles.






Ireland has had particular focus by crafting a new mesh from ALOS satellite DEM data. Leveraging innovative techniques, the terrain has been enhanced and has had over 200 locations added with a remarkable 2m/pix resolution. Explore Ireland with newfound clarity and detail.


British Isles Mesh is a fully self-contained product with no changes made to the default mesh or any other files.

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