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Volanta v1.6 Enhancement Update


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Volanta has just got better! Volanta v1.6 brings you a host of exciting new features, improved functionality, and a more immersive experience. 


What’s new? 

  • Added playback controls for past flights! Flights can now be "replayed" in Volanta at various speeds with an intuitive timeline-like navigation experience that marks key events such as landings.

  • Added the ability to filter the flights shown on the map

  • New and improved map settings panel design

  • The map will highlight products that are nearby during a flight

  • Select between stable and experimental plugin release channels

  • Improved downloading of airport data

  • Closed airports are noted in tooltips and information cards

  • Airports now have local time and country information

  • The open/closed status of an airport is now considered when a destination is automatically selected based on a landing

  • Product recommendations for the user's active flights' origin and destination have been added

  • Many new aircraft icons have been added

  • Language translations have now been included, such as Chinese (Traditional) and Romanian







What did we fix?

Volanta v1.6 has a lot of updates to provide the greatest user experience:

  • FSS controller labels have been fixed (no longer crash into area controller labels)

  • Controller tooltips will function even when an approach ring is present in the same location

  • Enroute controllers now appear on the airport’s controllers page

  • An airline can now be eliminated from an aircraft

  • The flickering radius circles for approach controllers when hovering over them have been fixed

  • Tooltips no longer scroll with the app

  • Screenshots can now be seen on the map

  • Volanta Premium Subscribers can sync with Orbxdirect

  • Users can select area controllers even when the labels are displayed in the same place as an approach controller radius ring

  • Controller tooltips are no longer shown when the controller layer is not visible

  • Fixed an issue causing enroute controllers to no longer appear in the list of VATSIM controllers on the airport card


        Head over to  - https://volanta.app/















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