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Information regarding NZ Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator


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With the release of our NZ Mesh product a couple of years ago, customers have been enjoying the improved DEM and our approach to custom terrain meshes.


As we know, the New Zealand World Update uses the same LINZ source data as we did for our NZ Mesh product, with about a third of the country being covered with 1m LiDAR data, and the remainder with about 10m resolution.


Our package is pre-compiled at 10m while the New Zealand update version gets streamed at up to the full resolution of the source. This means that the sim will load and cycle through three additional levels of detail near the user aircraft, which can cause visible ground changes. In addition, we use different algorithms for generating the embedded LOD levels, which usually helps with retaining terrain shapes at mid to far distances.


With that in mind, we are temporarily removing NZ Mesh from sale on OrbxDirect and the Microsoft Marketplace. Customers who already have purchased the scenery will still be able to access the product to install/reinstall.


Once the NZ World Update is released, we welcome feedback from existing users on their NZ Mesh experience with the update. As it's a sizeable area to assess for pros and cons, this will be valuable to us and help us determine future plans for NZ Mesh.

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