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Brisbane International YBBN Released for X-Plane 12 + v1.1 for X-Plane 11


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Our first product for X-Plane 12: Introducing Orbx Brisbane International YBBN


With the recent release of X-Plane 12 open beta, we’ve been eager to bring you our first line of products over to the new platform. 


Starting with Brisbane International [YBBN / BNE], we’ve re-created the airport to fully utilize the new features that X-Plane 12 provides, giving you a truly accurate rendition of Brisbane as it stands today.


image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


Not only have we brought this massive airport to a new simulator, but we’ve also updated YBBN to v1.1 for our X-Plane 11 users!


New Features


Orbx Library for X-Plane 12

With the release of our first product for X-Plane 12, we are providing a new and updated library specifically targeted for X-Plane 12 products. Starting with Brisbane, our new library will be available from Orbx Central. Our legacy libraries will still remain for all X-Plane 11 products.


We have plenty of items we want to include with our new library for X-Plane 12. Expect to see additional features and improvements as we continually update them!


Animated Monorail, redesigned track and train stations

Both X-Plane versions now have an animated monorail train that travels between the domestic and international terminals. With completely redesigned monorail track and train stations, we have added small but necessary additions for a truly immersive experience.


Both versions of Brisbane use different plugins to control traffic. X-Plane still utilizes the popular “GroundTraffic” plugin, while our X-Plane 12 version uses a new plugin called “Living Scenery Technology” (LST).  


image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


Both versions have all the customized traffic files included. Read more about LST below.


New Integration with Living Scenery Technology (LST)

Living Scenery Technology (LST) from X-Codr introduces plenty of new features for better ground traffic animations. It’s performance-friendly and gives us new ways to animate certain aspects of our products. 


LST is a free plugin, similar to the Ground Traffic plugin used in our X-Plane 11 products. You can download the Living Scenery Technology Plugin here.


Completely Re-designed Mesh

Mesh is always tricky when it comes to products in X-Plane. With valuable feedback from the community, the mesh was completely redone to better accommodate issues occurring in the previous version.


image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


We are still actively working to find a permanent solution that solves common issues that arise with custom mesh files for airports.


Dozens of New Custom Buildings

From Hertz Rent a Car, Redspot Car Rentals, airpark buildings, toll gates, McDonald's/BNE Service Centre, bus stations, highway signs, and domestic terminal walkways, we've added a massive amount of additional custom buildings to further enhance Brisbane Airport as it stands today.


Expect further updates as new buildings are constructed in the coming months!


New PBR Materials for Objects & Surfaces

Another area of focus was applying/fixing issues with our Ortho and missing surface textures. While these have been addressed, it gave us an opportunity to revamp the texture styles and painted surface lines as well as prep each item for X-Plane 12’s weather engine.


image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


Additionally, some older objects were updated with PBR textures for both simulators, and some objects were replaced with PBR items specifically included with our new X-Plane 12 Library.


Plenty of New Details to Explore

From small stones to picnic tables for your fellow spotters, there’s been an incredible amount of detail added to both X-Plane versions. Take your time and look through the inner streets, aprons, and surrounding areas. 


Particular attention was made to the inner GA areas along Casuarina St. You can find hand-placed stones, vegetation, hedges, and other custom objects near Royal Flying Doctor Service, Jet Aviation, and Great Western Aviation buildings.


image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


More details will be tweaked and added as we get closer to utilizing the full potential of X-Plane 12.


Previous owners of YBBN for X-Plane 11 can obtain the X-Plane 12 version free of charge.


$28.96 AUD

Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable.

US$18.15 | €18.55 | £16.17

USD, EUR, GBP estimates only


  • Added compatibility for X-Plane 12 "open beta"
  • Added new approach lighting for XP12
  • Added new Orbx_XP12_Library for use with XP12
  • Added new living scenery technology "LST" integration for XP12
  • Added additional LST traffic routes for XP12
  • Added significant changes to custom mesh for both XP11 & XP12
  • Added custom animated monorail train for both XP11 & XP12
  • Added new custom monorail track structure
  • Added additional lights to international parking lots & station areas
  • Added solar farm structure 
  • Added custom airpark buildings
  • Added custom car rental buildings
  • Added 20+ custom buildings & structures throughout the airport
  • Added missing ground markings [apron letters/numbers]
  • Added additional asphalt & details around the DHL terminal
  • Added additional detail to McDonald's parking area
  • Added additional bollards, stones & hedges to infield GA areas
  • Added new concrete & asphalt maps [better reflective surfaces]
  • Fixed monorail elevation issues [mesh tweaked]
  • Fixed fences appearing in front of the DHL terminal
  • Fixed elevation issue with McDonald's building & parking lot
  • Fixed & cleaned additional ortho tiles for previously missed areas
  • Fixed issue with unused, duplicate files or textures [general cleanup]
  • Fixed levitating jetways at gates 24,40,44,45
  • Fixed default autogen overlap near the northern boundary
  • Fixed [do not remove] text appearing on the X-Plane UI gate selection screen
  • Fixed mesh issues previously reported on some taxiways, runways & ramps
  • Fixed default grass appearing on some shorelines
  • Fixed over-reflective taxiway & ramp line textures
  • Fixed monorail offset position in XP12 [projection issue]
  • Fixed SAMv3 vdgs positions in XP12 [projection issue]
  • Fixed default tug appearing at gates in XP12
  • Fixed light bloom issue with OBJ models in XP12
  • Fixed non-recessed threshold lights in XP12
  • Fixed & replaced autogen with XP12 autogen

X-Plane 12 Roadmap

With Brisbane being our first product for X-Plane 12, we’ve been hard at work getting our other products ready to be 100% XP12 compatible. Our TrueEarth Regions are on our priority list but may take a little longer so we can fully take advantage of X-Plane 12’s new features.


In the meantime, expect to see some of our excellent X-Plane 11 airports make their way into the new sim. This also includes some unannounced products: 


In Progress


Pricing and Availability

We can’t confirm pricing on other products coming to X-Plane 12, as that depends on the amount of work in updating each product. More information will be provided as each product is released.


Previous owners of YBBN for X-Plane 11 can obtain the X-Plane 12 version free of charge.


$28.96 AUD

Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable.

US$18.15 | €18.55 | £16.17

USD, EUR, GBP estimates only



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