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Performance comparison - FTX AU v1 vs. v2


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Dear Orbx team, dear flight sim enthusiasts,


can anyone of you tell something about the difference in performance between FTX AU v1 und v2? As I read the discription of v2, there is of course a lot more detail included. Does this come with a performance cost in comparison to v1? Or is performance even improved because newer scenery design or rendering techniques have been used?


So far, I still have v1, because I switched nearly all VFR flying to MSFS. On the other side, I'm flying airliners in P3d v4 most of my time, and despite flying IFR, I still love some nice views outside the windows on departure or approach. And the default LC (only with FTX World textures) is simply poor without at least OpenLC sceneries installed. As they aren's availible for AU, I'm using FTX AU v1 in order to have something there at all. However, performance is terrible, especially around big airports like Sydney and Melbourne, I would say a lot worse than TE England on the approach to LCY for example (excluding loading times at the beginning). For the case of Sydney, I have FlyTampa YSSY installed, but performance is also as bad, when flying/looking away from the airport. Same thing in Melbourne with your YMML scenery. It's better in Brisbane. In Sydney, there are even flickering night textures in the middle of the city at daylight.


Before I spend more money on P3d VFR addons, could you tell me if this is gonna be better with FTX AU v2?


Thanks a lot.


Regards, Dominik

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On 1/9/2022 at 4:51 PM, DeeJay said:

Dear Orbx team, dear flight sim enthusiasts,


Before I spend more money on P3d VFR addons, could you tell me if this is gonna be better with FTX AU v2?


Hard to help with limited information.
What's your PC hardware? What size display do you have? Which aircraft do you use in your sim?

One of the primary benefits of Aus v2 is the "Ultra-HD Melbourne Cityscape", which will only put more stress on your PC while flying into a big airport like YMML.

It's been a long time since I used Aus v1 and P3Dv4, but I used these settings and got OK, but not great, performance using the old PMDG 737NGX (not NGXu). IIRC, something like 22-23 FPS at most, into YMML. That was using a triple monitor setup and on a Ryzen 1700X CPU and GTX 1070 GPU.

P3D v5.3 on the other hand is a revelation in terms of performance.
While I have significantly upgraded my PC since then, my flights approaching YMML flying over Aus v2's Melbourne Cityscape are now incredibly smooth, even when compared to v5.2.

v5.3 Screenshots (check the FPS counter in the top right corner of each pic):



Current settings (with 'kitchen sink' thrown at my PC):

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Thanks a lot. Oh I see, my hardware description in my signature isn't up to date anymore, sorry. Meanwhile I have:

Intel i7 9700 @4.4 GHz, Zotac RTX 2060 Super (slightly "downclocked" for temperatures), 16 GB RAM, only SSD hard drives, Win 10 64bit, dual monitor: 1x ultrawide 3440x1400 for simlulation itself + 1x 1920x1080 for charts and additional apps.


At that time, I was flying in the PMDG 777-200ER. However, 80% of simming takes place in the FSL A32X.


OK, you clearly have the more capable graphic card, but you also have higher settings in nearly every aspect. So, if your past settings with a GTX 1070 has worked out for v1, then my system with my slightly lower settings should be able to copy with v1, too.

The one thing that confuses me is that I get way, WAY better performance nealry everywhere else in the sim with the same aircraft and the same settings. For example at Auckland with FTX NZ installed or at Amsterdam with OLC EU and FT EHAM. I also remember I had better performance when I used the same FTX AU back in FSX times.


But if AU v2 adds even more details, it might not be the best idea to add it, even if it looks amazing.

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