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Finalizing and Cleanup very high thread priority?

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Having a odd problem with FTX Central when installing the TE products, like Florida, Washington, Oregon ... after the download stage it enters into "Finalizing and Cleanup" and brings ALL other tasks to a halt as if the priority is set VERY high.  Just opening file explorer window while FTX is running will take 3 minutes.  Once the "Finalizing and Cleanup" completes everything returns to normal.  Is there any thread priority setting happening during this "Finalizing and Cleanup" step?


I'm running on an AMD 5950X Win10.  I tried turning On/Off Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling but that didn't make a difference (grasping at straws).


Core usage shows only 3 cores operating during this process but they are often maxed out, other cores are doing nothing.


I haven't tested this on my other PCs to see if it specific to my one main FS PC.  Thought I'd just ask to see if anyone else has run into this issue?


Cheers, Rob.

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