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YMBD _ Murry Bridge Elevation

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Windows 10 (up-to-date)  - Orbx Central 4.1.40 - GeForce GTx 1660 - (Vector / OpenLC / All Regions / Australia v2)


(Had an issue with KDEN - entire airport 20ft below ground level - moved it from AEC enabled TO -> AEC Disabled and it's fine)

Did this after running Auto-Configuration ie: upgrading from Australia to Australia V2.


Tried the same thing with YMBD - not in either AEC Enabled or Disabled

Tried turning YMBD 'bgl' files to OFF in Orbx\....\\scenery\


No third party Mesh or Scenery






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Order of scenery maybe ?


What version of P3D v4 is being run ?


I ask because LM made changes to the way airport elevation is handled in 4.5 HF2 I believe, I'm running 4.5 HF3 or version 4.5.14.


I can say I have both the AusV2 Orbx default and the OZx version and both are displaying correctly (as in if I enable one or the other), although I prefer the OZx one.


I use Little Nav Map to display the airport bgls  for easy ID as to which files are used to create the airport.








Little Nav Map - showing the bgls in use (LHS just above the flight plan altitude display)



One last pic of flying over the town, I actually did some work for MurryBridge Council a few years ago where I installed their EDRMS (Electronic Documents and Records Management System), never been there though, all the work was performed remotely.


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Thanks for your input.

I'm runningP3d- (latest V4  according to their website) Orbx Central 4.1.40


Scenery in correct order -  Orbx Regions at 'top' of scenery Library - with Global LC below them (according to Orbx Central instructions)

Before installing Aus v2 - I removed Holgermesh Aus & Tasmania. 

Tried Ozx - no change.

Checked ...\\scenery\world - no elevation adjustment or reference to YMBD


I'm wondering if there is something left over from the original Australia / Holgermesh installation causing this.







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For ordering I have a marker folder to mark the top of the P3D entries.


Orbx airports and regions go below the marker and Global openLC go below the Orbx airports and regions.


Above the marker are sceneries and addons from other companies.


I also have a mix of the Orbx sceneries installed into the sim root and as xml addons and use the Lorby Addon Manager to exclusively manage the scenery and addons as I've found the P3D xml addon manager to be totally buggy once things get complex (I have 211 xml packages and 25 autodiscovery xml locations configured).




If using the OZx YMBD the following two Orbx files files should be set to .off

  • FTX_AUS_YMBD_objects.bgl

I do have Australia v2 installed into the sim root which means the region is added to the scenery.cfg rather than the add-ons.cfg


And I do recommend the Lorby Addon Manager as it is more reliable than P3D's addon manager, plus has helped myself track down ordering issues causing similar types of issues.


The above said maybe there is something left over from Australia V1 ? assuming it was previosuly installed.


If you cannot solve the Orbx support crew might want you to upload copies of the scenery.cfg and add-ons.cfg for review.



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