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  1. I've been working through adding liveries to the PC12 and came across this quite interesting one. https://edrm-repaints.com/aircraft.php?id=pc12 Also been tuning cloud shadows. Cheers
  2. A collection of recent flights. A 737 MAX taxiing out. Flying the Cessna C441 Conquest II Gippsland way in Aust. Catalina in the Goose. just the Goose Don't remember the airport, but it's the A2A cub with the chatty passenger The Ant Tiger Moth, at the same airport Either flying to or out of the airport above. This one is flying out of 11S, one of my fav small PNW APs Heading to Hamilton Victoria. The Grampians Victoria. Pula ? Area around Pula ? Florida for sure :-) American Samoa, blew an engine and forced landing. Testing a newly added Oxygen supply to the A2A C182, if only I had remembered to fill the bottle prior to takeoff. This flight ended badly, I took it up till I passed out, and by the time I awoke, the plane was in a spinning nose dive I could not recover from. Over Gisborne NZ Heading to Melbourne Aust. That's all folks Cheers
  3. Ta, P3D has all my fav planes, live and historical weather, saved senarios and it just works, plus I like the level of control it gives me. Cheers
  4. Testing my modded B350i (new engines (Blackhawk PT-6-67A), flight model, GTN 750 and various other changes / fixes), with a flight along the South Eastern side of Africa (also with Orbx's openLC Africa). Here's the GTN Also tweeking the cloud shader as I go, I want those shadows to be just right. The African lc is pretty reasonable overall. There were a few thunderstorms along the way, quite a lot of turbulance and the plane was rocken and rollen all over the place. Further cloud tweeking, this time the shading of the far distance clouds, making them just a tad redder. Where I am. And that's all folks :-) Good flight, corrected a few niggling issues with the B350i and adjusted the cloud shader, and will probably make further changes once I better understand what does what in the shader code. Cheers
  5. Thanks folks, the new GFX card is certainly getting a workout. Cheers
  6. Five years have passed since I last bought a GFX card and in that time a lot has changed. I keep an eye open for what's on the market and have been saving for a while awaiting a time to buy. Well that time recently came into being with a $200.00 price drop on the card I was after (an ASUS TUF 3080Ti). And just a few pics while testing and tuning the new card which has allowed me to ramp up GFX settings to levels I could never previously run. Cheers Modded PBR C208 Florida. Somewhere in Europe. LOWI
  7. Just a couple of shots in the Outback, lots of nothing in outback Australia, still... makes for some nice pics. This one is the Pacific NorthWest USA. Not sure where this one is, but looks like a nice spot to be. Cheers
  8. Hmmm, not seeing it myself, (I'm on 4.5), although I do have Buildings HD, Global Base, Vector, OpenLC NA. I used to see a lot of black buildings till I set the value below (default is 1000.000000) which I believe does apply to v5 as well. [GRAPHICS] MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=320000.000000 Perhaps they have not loaded due to the small default sizing ? and the proximity of other gfx items ? Or that yes there are issues with the textures in the installer, which wouldn't be a first time... This is what I see. And the area is as per the map.
  9. Hi Graeme, Seems I have trouble with engines and keeping them running... Will I make it to an emergency landing area hint... nope. Ran out of time and height, but I'm not so hardcore that I'd repurchase the addin just because I crashed and burned :-) Cheers
  10. As the title says "A Collection of shots from my last couple of flights". After years of FSX and FSX-SE and the earlier versions of P3D I've finally come together with a nice enough level of hardware and tuned system for smooth vsync'd flying, and totally enjoying it. Yeah I've only a 1070ti and would like a 3080ti but I'd also like a new Corvette and like a 3080ti, that is not going to happen anytime soon :-( A2A B35V in retro polished finish. Turbo Commander 690B, parked at Boulder airport USA. Same Turbo Commander 690B, differnt livery. I like to park outside of my stately manor (McMansion ??) :-) P51 after blowing the engine. Lancair Legacy @ 2B2 Plumb Island Airport Same Lancair Legacy on flight from 2B2 The A2A Commanche climbing between cloud layers. The migrated Beaver. Autogen density. A closer look at some of those Orbx HD buildings. Cheers
  11. Hi, @Greg Jones Is there any update regarding my problem at this point in time? Cheers
  12. Hi Folks, Thanks for the comments of support. And yes I'm finding the clouds are really great being dynamically lit by the sun, that said the shader uses ~20% additional GPU resources and my lowly 1070ti is overloaded when it comes to over about 50% coverage, still it's great for partly cloudy days. Cheers
  13. A few pics while having fun experimenting with the Beaver which I've migrated from FSX-SE to P3D v4.5. Also trialing out cloud shader mods for lighting orientated clouds. The Beaver, migrated and configured with McCoy water FX and A2A shockwave lighting. Now that the Beaver is installed time to trial both Beaver and cloud shaders. The cloud shader changes the lighting and look of clouds. Found some beached shipping while flight testing, I guess the AI is not expecting a group of islands ? Last one after takeoff @ 11S, highlights the cloud shader and the quite dramatic look it can generate. Cheers
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