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Giza Pyramids (Egypt) POI


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Video Production:

1. OBS studio for recordings

2. Vegas pro 14.0 for post Production

3. HandBrake for Compression and resizing


Prepared 3D Version 4.5 Attributes

1. AIRCRAFT=Nemeth Designs Development Group Sikorsky S-76A Spirit

2. FLIGHT=Giza Pyramids (Egypt)  POI

3.ATC= N?A

4.GPS= N/A



Linda controls for p3d 64-bit

REX sky force for p3d4

Active sky for p3d4

Active sky cloud art

REX Sky and Environmental Force for p3d4

Little Navmap

REX worldwide airports

EZdok V3 Camera

A1 Lights Reborn Professional

Google Earth Pro

Orbx sceneries including:

1. Global openLC Africa

2. Global open LC Africa Mesh and Photoreal (Freeware)






With the permission from Pianorollman. Thank you!  Your a great guy

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Thanks again Brad!

Regarding the music I picked it because of the movie Casablanca and the theme song.

Play it again Sam!:)


I enjoy this guy PIANOROLLMAN's "old-tyme" piayer piano music.. I can finally say I'm a playa!;)


He has made this music available for anyone but especially intended for COVID "lock-ins" of elderly and children.


He's music channel (completely free and non political) is :https://tv.gab.com/channel/LaboutmeAl


He has music with and without the vocals so people can enjoy sing alongs.


Thanks again for the views and comments!


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