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This might sound like a strange request, but is there anyway of removing certain areas in the mod, like blackpool, liverpool, southport, that sort of thing. The reason i ask, is, i want the Orbx mod on, for bits and bobs i haven't got in uk scenery, but i already have freeware mods for places, that are  better,more accurate to real life, than what is in GB central mod. so i cant  use both really, and i really dont want to lose my freeware for the places i fly the most. Is there any solution to this Thanks

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Probably not.  


In the thread below a similar question was asked in relation to the scenery at RAF Menwith Hill as the domes conflict with a VFR addon. 


Nick responded with "as far as I am aware, there is no easy way to add or take away various individual POIs.


Like you I also had lots of addon scenery for the North of England but hated that all of these individual sceneries had to be manually monitored for updates and conflicts, I wanted one package so that I did not have to mess around after every sim update. 


Orbx Central seemed to offer the solution so I ditched all the free versions.


However there is still good freeware addons that provide content that Orbx Central is missing, a couple of freeware modders have actually updated their collections to remove the Orbx Central conflicts and have labelled the packs as compatible with Orbx. 


For me this has still not removed my initial requirement when I purchased Orbx Central but I still have less overall packages in my Community folder to manage with more content.



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