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Some Scenery Issues Post SU5 /

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I just took a helicopter from Stapleford, down to London City airport, allong the Thames, up to the M25, hung a left onto the M40 and landed at Booker. During the flight I noticed some oddities:


  • Some of the Bridges over the Thames are doubled and the AI traffic is down on the lower textures - it looks like an FSX type thing is missing where you can hide the default scenery.
  • Water masks are rather iffy again.
  • There also seem to be conflicts between Orbx Buildings and landmarks with the default built in ai generated maps/3D structures
  • For the last couple of days, EGTB has been denying take off and landings due to airfiled being IMC. I have live weather on in sim. Only once was it raining, but even then it was good VFR.


Any help or suggestions where I may have made the wrong settings?

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