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ctd’s since last world update

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Having deleted rolling cache.. and the directory suggested.. still got ctd’d. Uninstalled msfs, reinstalled.. still have ctd.. honestly. I think I may have to delete every single thing in the community folder next and I really don’t want to do that. 


I am tempted to sit out msfs until a more stable version appears. 



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Move your Community folder to another location rather than deleting it.  You can then always swap items back in until you discover what is causing the error.


Personally I'm using an Addon Linker so everything is installed away from the Community folder and the linker creates Symbolic links for those items I choose to use for specific flights.


I had a number of CTDs (for the first time in ages) following the UK update.  I removed certain third party mods and the CTDs went away.  Checking the site I obtained the mods from I now see that they have updated them to work with the UK update.  I'd recommend you doing the same.  Otherwise leave those items out of your community folder until fixes have been released.

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