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MSFS London Update

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Not sure if Orbx read these forums?  I uninstalled the Orbx London Scenery, and loaded the FS2020 update, until Orbx  London update.  This is what I spotted.  Battersea Power Station has vanished along with its iconic huge white chimneys, that was a big mistake on the part of Asobo?  Many improvements, Buckingham Palace, much better than Orbx, sorry.  A revolving London Eye. Much better BT Tower more detail, and revolving neon sign. Not sure what to think of Canary Wharf skyscrapers, I think Orbx was better.  Many bridges. Stadiums. Cricket Grounds, et. Greenwich Maritime Museums, although I did not spot the Cutty Sark?  Railway Stations, but no Victoria Station, (bare ground) as with Orbx? Not sure what Orbx will include in their London update, but maybe they could bring back Battersea Power Station, include Victoria Station, and include the Cutty Sark at Greenwich (unless I missed it). And possibly put a dome on the Royal Observatory at Greenwich?  I am sure I have missed much more.  Pleased that Orbx London City Airport was not affected, as I fly from there quite a lot in my London Tours.    

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