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KORS Orcas Island for Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.1.0 update


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KORS Orcas Island for Microsoft Flight Simulator has now been updated to 1.1.0 and is available on Orbx Central.


Change log:

  • new fence and gates at the storage area north east of the airport
  • new light beams at night at the FBO and a couple of additional hangars
  • new REIL lights at both rwy ends
  • new signs at the airport
  • new helipad lamps at medical heliport
  • new look out tower at Mount Constitution
  • new antennas at Mount Constitution
  • replacement for the gate at the biplane hangar
  • clean up road textures
  • clean up at the marina (removed boats and piers of the orthophotography)
  • new trees at places with no trees
  • new improved cars and trucks
  • new reflecting windows on custom cars
  • plane parking connected to taxiway
  • new additional parking for aircrafts
  • removed static airplanes as they "jumped" in the air getting closer
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